Zibiru Restaurant Seminyak

31/01/2021 17:44

The culinary business has indeed mushroomed as many travelers like to try new flavors. But if you are in Bali and want to taste Italian food, we will recommend one interesting place that you should choose. The name of the restaurant is Zibiru Restaurant Seminyak.

As one of the restaurants in the Seminyak area, Zibiru Restaurant is a supplier of traditional Italian cuisine from Executive Chef Luigi Calcago. This restaurant opened in 2012 and already has loyal customers from all over the world. From soul and jazz music lovers to romantic music, wine enthusiasts, intimate dining establishments and personal conversation, this is a must-visit restaurant.


Interior Design of Zibiru Restaurant Seminyak

Zibiru Restaurant Seminyak serves classy Italian cuisine with a taste of the Italian countryside. This place can also be booked for private events or events. Whether it's a wedding, a birthday or an event in a community.

Zibiru Restaurant Seminyak provides its own satisfaction, from the food to the comfort. The place itself is divided into 3 areas, namely near the bar, outside the bar to the top floor. So you can choose which place is most suitable for you.




For the outdoor area of ??the bar, the rustic interior design chosen by this place will impress you. Chairs that are purposely not finished and the chairs look old really show a rustic style. The classic impression is very thick and you will feel the sensation of being in an elegant classic Italian.

In the outside area of ??this bar, you can see small plant pots that are displayed on the walls. In the yard there is a simple swing that is tied to a rope on a tree. Oh, don't forget the artwork in the form of photographs that adorn every wall. Hanging lamps are also a unique decoration at Zibiru Restaurant.

But did you know that the photos on display are not just a room sweetener? The photos are the work of art from local Balinese artists. And not only useful for wall decoration, you can buy the photo because the photo is for sale. A good idea from a business and aesthetic perspective.




Romantic Atmosphere at Zibiru Restaurant Seminyak

The room near the Zibiru Restaurant Seminyak bar is no less interesting. Besides being close to the bar, this room also gives a rustic impression in it. Purposely unfinished walls, tables and chairs painted in natural colors can show just how natural a space is here. In addition, beside the bar there are stairs leading to the second floor or the roof.

On the rooftop Zibiru Restaurant is the most suitable place for a romantic dinner. There are only three tables with a few chairs available here. The floor is made of wood without finishing and the selection of several potted plants makes a rustic impression even though it is on the second floor. Natural fresh air will make the romantic impression stronger and feel warm even though the night air is cold.

Zibiru Restaurant is located on Jl. Drupadi No. 7, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Open from 5pm to 12 midnight.

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