What The Truck, Bali

30/10/2020 16:27

Bali is now a vacation spot that offers many exciting experiences. For those of you who are interested in a pleasant culinary experience, Bali has a variety of unique and delicious dining concepts. One of these uniqueness, you can find when dining at What The Truck Bali.

In accordance with the name attached to it, What The Truck is a place to eat that uses the concept of a food truck. Like other dining places, What The Truck provides a menu in various choices with a simple appearance. In particular, this dining place is located in one of the luxury hotels in Bali, Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak.


The Uniqueness of What The Truck Seminyak

What The Truck is a place to eat with a food truck concept launched by Courtyard Hotel in 2016. Like other food truck restaurants, What The Truck serves its visitors through the presence of a car. Well, the car they are using is a special car, it’s a VW Combi.

Not only presenting a classic impression, the VW Combi owned by What The Truck Bali is also accompanied by its own uniqueness. The VW Combi is deliberately painted with a unique pattern, so it looks attractive. The interior and exterior design of the VW Combi is deliberately made unique in collaboration with students from the Faculty of Art and Design of the Indonesian Art Institute in Denpasar.

The VW Combi design in What The Truck is deliberately using cheerful colors. That way, its existence can create a festive atmosphere. At the same time, VW Combi What The Truck Bali can be a great place to take pictures. When else can you take an Instagram pose with a unique VW Combi background?




Menu Options at What The Truck Bali

Even though it occupies a small area, What The Truck comes with a wide variety of menus. In particular, this place provides a menu of tacos and burritos which are known as popular snacks from Mexico. You can find both menus with fill variants in the form of chicken or beef.

Not only that, What The Truck also provides menu options that are no less diverse. You can also find a selection of drinks that are not less. For coffee enthusiasts, What The Truck provides a cappuccino menu option. Like the coffee shop, you will also find latte art that makes the food photos here even more interesting.




Still not finished there, What The Truck also provides cocktails. This option is perfect for those of you who are looking for an alcoholic drink at night. With the cool atmosphere that surrounds, alcoholic drinks are very helpful in keeping the body warm.


What The Truck Seminyak location

You can get the experience of tasting traditional Mexican culinary at What The Truck by visiting its location which is located at Camplung Tanduk Street, Number 103, Seminyak. This place to eat is open from 8 in the morning. Suitable for those of you who want to find a light breakfast and snacks during the day.

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