Warung D'Sawah

23/08/2022 01:47

The island of Bali is famous for its natural beauty, where there are many types of tours that can be one of the choices of tourist destinations for tourists. One of the tourist options that can be an option for tourists is culinary tourism which is widely provided in Bali, ranging from restaurants serving traditional food, to restaurants that have a distinctive taste of a country.

Not infrequently this culinary tourist spot also offers beautiful views for every visitor. One of the culinary tours that can be a special vacation for tourists is eating while enjoying beautiful natural scenery at Warung D'Sawah.




Enjoy a Relaxing Atmosphere at Warung D'Sawah

Warung D' Sawah is a place to eat that serves delicious food with a traditional room design and surrounded by the natural beauty of Bali. The atmosphere is very comfortable and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are two choices of places to eat at Warung D'ASawah such as places called 'saung' and 'pekarangan'. Wherever the place is chosen, tourists can still eat while enjoying the beauty of the green expanse of rice fields. This is the attraction of Warung D'Sawah. The place feels so cool and comfortable.

Once entering Warung D'Sawah, tourists will hear the strains of traditional gamelan music coupled with the greetings of the waiters who serve very friendly. Tourists will first be offered a seat and a meal at one of the restaurant's two premises.

If you choose to eat in the open courtyard, you will be exposed to the beauty of the small garden decorated with grass belonging to Warung D'Sawah. The large yard can also be a place to play for children.




Food and Drink Menu at Warung D'Sawah

Warung D'Sawah has its own mainstay menu which is none other than the fried duck which is very famous for its savory and tender meat. This fried duck menu also has its own characteristic, namely the village duck from Tabanan that has just been slaughtered. The spices used for this menu dish also use Balinese spices which add to the delicious taste of this fried duck.

The aroma of the spices in the fried duck is felt and is usually served with rice, fresh vegetables, and three chili sauce. The sambal in the form of chili sauce, cayenne pepper and matah chili is served with a sauce containing sliced ??carrots and leek leaves. Another famous menu is duck betutu.

For the type of menu, Warung D'Sawah not only provides traditional Balinese menus but also Chinese menus, even Western menus. Visitors visiting on Fridays will be able to enjoy the live music concerts held at this venue. In addition to music concerts, Warung D'Sawah is also available for rent as a venue for wedding receptions or other events.


Food Prices

Menu prices at Warung D'Sawah for a quarter portion of duck are priced at IDR 120,000 and drinks IDR 10,000 to IDR 120,000 per glass.



Warung D'ASawah is located on Jalan Kerobokan Kelud No. 17, North Kuta.


Opening hours

Every day from 8 am to 11 pm.

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