Toya Devasya Hot Spring

17/05/2021 01:19

Holidays in Bali are the most awaited holiday moments for many tourists, especially during the holidays. Bali is a favorite tourist destination with a lot of beauty and uniqueness that can amaze anyone. Many tourists, ranging from local tourists to foreign tourists who regularly come back to Bali because they want to make the best vacation moments.

Vacationing in Bali will be very enjoyable because there are many interesting and popular tourist objects that can be visited. Starting from natural attractions, cultural attractions, to many other types of tourist objects that are no less fun like the Toya Devasya Hot Spring.




Benefits of vacationing at Toya Devasya Hot Spring

The Island of the Gods Bali has a number of hot springs, one of which is Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring in Toya Bungkah. The location is indeed on the edge of Lake Batur, Kintamani, so those who enjoy this natural hot spring therapy are also treated to beautiful natural scenery.

The hot water that comes out of the bowels of the earth has a temperature of around 38-39 ° C, the heat energy estimated from Mount Batur is believed to be able to cure a number of skin diseases. If you flash back to the past before the Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring existed, this natural hot spring flows directly into the lake and there are public baths that can be used by residents who come to the place.

Both those who aim or ask for medicine to cure skin diseases, but now the natural hot springs for the public are not maintained, garbage is scattered, the water is also small. Now the natural hot springs are managed for hot springs which have been well organized and equipped with a number of services, and one of these hot springs is Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring.


Vacation Atmosphere at Toya Devasya Hot Spring

In the Toya Bungkah village area, there are two hot springs that take advantage of these natural springs, including Toya Devasya and Batur Natural Hot Spring. So that visitors, especially tourists who want to experience this natural spring heat therapy can enjoy it more comfortably with the comfort and the various facilities and services that are enjoyed, of course, it costs money and to enjoy what is provided, an entrance fee will be charged.

Toya Devasya is considered the most popular and hits nowadays, the place is professionally managed well and is located on the shores of Lake Batur so that every visitor can chat in the bath pool provided, or while enjoying drinks and food accompanied by beautiful views of Lake Batur.




The Excitement of Vacationing at Toya Devasya Hot Spring

Toya Devasya hot spring in Toya Bungkah provides a freer and more comfortable opportunity to experience natural hot water therapy, the place is comfortable and clean. In Toya Devasya there is 1 large swimming pool and 7 small pools, as well as a play area for children, as well as several hot water showers. Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring not only provides a hot spring pool, but also a resort as a place to stay. Enjoying family holidays, especially with children, will provide an interesting and fun experience, even this place is ideal for a honeymoon or honeymoon destination.



Jalan Puri Bening, Toya Bungkah village, Kintamani, Bangli.

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