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18/11/2021 01:50


There is no tourist who does not want to return to Bali on vacation. All the beauty that exists in Bali makes anyone who sees it want to come back and enjoy it. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bali is filled with tourists, both local and foreign tourists. Especially during the holidays, it is the right time to come to Bali to make the most beautiful memories.

In Bali there are many fun things to do. One of them is like visiting interesting and popular tourist objects. Starting from natural attractions, cultural attractions, culinary attractions, and various other interesting entertainment places. Interesting places to visit and many tourists visit are luxury accommodations such as Toraja Bambu.




Unique Vacation Experience In Toraja Bamboo

Repeated vacations to Bali will never bring you boredom. Apart from having many choices of destinations, Bali also offers a varied holiday experience. One of them is to look for lodging nuanced in North Sulawesi. Lodging with an atmosphere like this can be found when choosing to spend the night at Toraja Bambu Pecatu.

Toraja Bambu does offer a unique holiday experience. The name of this inn represents the atmosphere and the experience they provide. Here, tourists can find lodging buildings made of bamboo. Furthermore, they not only offer environmentally friendly building designs, but also unique architectural designs such as traditional Tana Toraja houses.




Toraja Bamboo's Best Facilities

Toraja Bambu strives to combine a luxurious lifestyle with a natural feel. At the same time, they also strive to maintain the existence of Nusantara culture in the midst of a global era that is happening. The results are very interesting. tourists will find eco-friendly building designs made with the majority of materials from bamboo. In addition, there are also bungalows that offer designs like traditional houses in Tana Toraja.

The traditional building design, does not make tourists will find Toraja Bambu as a mediocre inn. On the other hand, Toraja Bambu is one of the lodgings with a luxurious atmosphere that tourists can find in the Pecatu area. Interestingly, every bungalow they offer has a large enough capacity. The bungalows come with large building designs. Tourists can find bungalow options for 2 people or 4 people.

Regarding facilities, tourists need not worry. The management of Toraja Bambu ensures that every guest who stays at this bungalow can feel comfortable. Tourists will find 2 types of bungalows for rent by Toraja Bambu. The two types of bungalows are toraja and bamboo houses. These two types of bungalows are available in models with a capacity for 2 people and 4 people, respectively. Whatever the bungalow is occupied, Toraja Bambu guarantees the completeness of the facilities in it. Each bungalow is accompanied by a swimming pool. However, the swimming pool available is not a freshwater swimming pool, but a seawater swimming pool, because the location of the bungalows is close to the beach. In addition, there is also WiFi internet access, bathroom shower, or air conditioning.



Jl. Umpeng Sari Number 2, Pecatu.


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