Tjampuhan Hotel and Spa

25/10/2020 23:33

 It is not difficult to find an attractive location to stay in the Ubud area. Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa can be the first choice if you want to experience a luxurious and unique atmosphere. This hotel is known as a legendary place to stay and is often the choice of overnight stays for celebrities from various countries.

The Tjampuhan Hotel and Spa was founded in 1928. At the beginning of its establishment, this hotel served as a retreat for members of the royal family. As a resting place for members of the royal family, of course, this hotel offers a luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, the architectural design of this building was made in a timeless traditional style.

You can also find a leafy atmosphere typical of Ubud at this Tjampuhan Hotel and Spa. In addition, hotel employees provide service of number one quality. Not surprisingly, even though it is labeled as a three-star hotel, this place has become a favorite place to stay for celebrities and various world prominent figures.




Choice of Rooms at Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa

This three-star hotel offers three types of rooms for its guests. Each room has been equipped with various facilities. Also, the traditional room design making guests feel at home for long and feel the atmosphere like being at home when in the room.

The three-room options are Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms, and the last is a bungalow called the Walter Spies House. As an exclusive place to stay, Walter Spies House is only available in one unit. This bungalow used to be the residence of the famous German painter, Walter Spies, and until now its authenticity is still maintained.




Facilities at Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa

When staying at the hotel, you also don't need to worry about the complete facilities that have been prepared by the inn. Here, there are various facilities that provide a comfortable space to relax. Moreover, if you are a person who likes to linger in the pool.

The hotel has prepared an outdoor swimming pool with a large enough size. If you want a different atmosphere, you can also choose a hot pool as a relaxing location. Accompanied by the atmosphere around the hotel which is full of lush trees, relaxing by the pool is something many guests do.




Location of Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa

This hotel has a strategic location, located at Tjampuhan Highway PO Box 198, Gianyar. From this location, you will also find various interesting tourist spots. If you want to feel the natural atmosphere, you can go directly to Campuhan Hill, which is located right behind the hotel.

In Campuhan Hill, you can see the existence of a natural hill with a distinctive view. Tourists often spend time in this place by bicycle or just walking. In addition, there are also several museums such as the Antonio Blanco Museum and the Neka Art Museum. The two museums can also be reached easily from the hotel.

If it's still incomplete, you can also feel the typical rural atmosphere by walking along the rice fields around the hotel which are owned by residents. Taking pictures in the middle of green rice fields will be an effective way to get rid of fatigue.


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