The Soekarno Center, Tampak Siring

04/10/2020 21:22

The Sukarno Center is not very popular in Bali. However, the existence of this educational tourist spot provides valuable information about the figure of the first president and proclaimer of independence of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Ir. Soekarno. In this place, tourists can find out various interesting stories in the life journey of Soekarno.

The Sukarno Center building was built in 2008. The existence of this museum is an effort to honor the figure of Soekarno is one of Indonesia's national heroes. Especially because Soekarno's role in the struggle for Indonesian independence was very huge.

The construction was initiated by Sukmawati who was none other than Sukarno's daughter along with Arya Wedakarna. As the name implies, in this place tourists can find a collection that is closely related to Soekarno. The types of collections also vary. You can find souvenirs obtained by Soekarno from neighboring countries, paintings of Soekarno fans, or quotes from Soekarno's heartfelt speeches.

Not only does it have an interesting collection, but the building of this museum is also quite interesting. Because it is in Bali, it is not surprising that the architectural design of the museum is designed with Balinese elements. For example, when you arrive at the front of the building, there are 2 gates in the form of a golden carriage replica. Now, when you enter the interior, you can see the acculturation of Balinese and Javanese culture. This is evidenced by the existence of Javanese Sinden chants voiced in the museum area.

When they get to the museum, visitors will feel like they are directly and face to face with the proclaimer of independence. Uniquely, mystical elements also cover the entire museum room. Given, the figure of Soekarno is often associated with mystical elements in Java. In addition, The Sukarno Center Tampak Siring was also formed in such a way that it had a workspace that was completely built as a replica of Soekarno's workplace.

You can also see various collections that exist, such as old photos, speech quotes, and others. However, it should be noted that this museum is still under development. The initial plan for the construction of the museum is expected to be completed in 2020. The collections currently stored there are only a small part of the entire collection that will be displayed. However, steps to improve the museum dedicated to Soekarno are still being made gradually.




The Sukarno Center Entrance Ticket

Visitors who want to come to this place need to pay for a ticket, which is fortunately not too expensive. Tourists who are adults are required to pay a ticket for IDR 20,000 per person. Meanwhile, for children, half-price is charged, only Rp.10,000 per person. When leaving the museum, the officers here will give mementos in the form of posters to visitors.




Location and Accessibility

To go to this educational tourist spot in Tampak Siring, you can come directly to the location. The Sukarno Center is located at Pejeng Kaja Street, Tampak Siring Number 751, Tampak Siring, Gianyar Regency. The location of this museum is about 5 km from the Presidential Palace Tampak Siring. It will be quite interesting to visit these two places. Moreover, both of them have a very close relation with Soekarno

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