The Junction House Seminyak

24/10/2020 00:25

The Junction House Seminyak recently underwent a complete renovation some time ago. As a result of its renovation, this cafe, which is located in a strategic area of ??Seminyak, presents a completely new cafe concept for its guests. Here, you will find a cafe that feels as comfortable as at home with a very instagenic design!

You can find this unique atmosphere after entering the cafe entrance. The lively and festive impression can be seen at first glance. Even so, you can feel a comfortable feeling like being at home here. Moreover, the cafe manager deliberately designed the interior of the building like houses in Paris.


A Good Place For Photo Hunting

The unique interior design provides free access for visitors to be able to hunt for cool photos while eating food at this cafe. You can use the first floor or the second floor. Not to forget, the staircase area also offers photo spots that are no less cool.

On the first floor, you can find a combination of various types of floors which become the divider between each room. The existence of the wardrobe also makes the atmosphere on the first floor so beautiful. The cafe also complements the wardrobe with various types of books. Meanwhile, for seating options, you can find simple seats made of a combination of wood and iron.

On the stairs, you can find the existence of a bookshelf that is so beautifully arranged. You can find books that are deliberately arranged so that they look attractive to the eye. Not to forget, there is also an iron ladder that allows you to pose or pick up the book at the top of the shelf.




The second floor of The Junction House Seminyak is no less cool than the first floor or on the stairs. Here, you can find a very calming atmosphere in the room. The most fun location that can be found on the 2nd floor is near the window. You can enjoy your meal while watching the crowd of the streets in front of your eyes.

The impression of a house that is so outstanding can also be seen in the division of the room. Here, you can clearly see the parts of the house, including the living room, family room, and kitchen. You can freely choose a fun and comfortable location to eat at this cafe.




Location of The Junction House Seminyak

This cafe provides a variety of delicious menus, mainly the international menu. This modern cafe can also be visited with flexible hours. You can visit The Junction House at 8 o'clock local time until 15.00 in the afternoon. The cafe deliberately opens at that time because it provides a brunch menu, aka breakfast lunch.

The location of this contemporary cafe in Bali is in a vy strategic place. You can find the address of The Junction House at the address Kayu Aya Street Number 3, Seminyak, North Kuta with phone number + 62361-735610.

The location of this cafe is right at the intersection area which makes it easy to find. Moreover, this cafe is also close to a variety of good eating places or tourist spots in Seminyak, including Seminyak Square, Batik Restaurant, I Dream of Bali or Motel Mexicola.

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