The Coral Garden Menjangan

09/05/2020 22:34

Under Water Heaven

Bali is famous. So many travelers and backpackers or just the foreign have been there and coming back many times to Bali. If you one of them, Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Canggu, and Karangasem are not a new place for you. You might have been there many times, and are you bored already? Feeling enough is a common thing for a human being, but if you feel like you have traveled all places in Bali, even to its rimland, there are so many places in Bali that are hidden. The region is rare for tourists no matter how beautiful the place is. West Bali is one example. By putting West Bali as the next area in your list that you would visit, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the greatness of 5 Star Hotel, delicious foods in 5 Stars Restaurant, the exotic beach, and etc.


West Bali is not a failure and still strong enough to compare with South Bali. The luxurious accommodations, diverse water activities, restaurants with appetizing local cuisine, to views that are rarely seen, West Bali has it all. And the best part? The place is so less crowds, so you can have more freedom like Bali is your kingdom. 


Are you interested already? If you're interested, but probably doesn't have any idea of a place to visit, The Coral Garden is a good choice as your first experience. You can swim with wild turtles and other sea creatures there.





The sea in West Bali's Menjangan Island is very clean. The waves are so calm and this Coral Garden has various spots for snorkeling. It is ideal to watch the beautiful expanse of coral reef forest with its colorful ornamental fish.


The Coral Garden is one of the most rich and biodiverse regions of Menjangan. If you're lucky enough, you can meet the blacktip sharks! The magnificent coral reef in The Coral Garden also shelters numerous varieties of clownfish hiding in the anemones (white, green and blue). Meanwhile, the number of small fish and crustaceans that surround the coral reef will continue to "disturb" you for hours. Monitor the depth of the sea, because sometimes large fish also cross the tip of the coral reef, including reef sharks, tuna and stingrays.


The Coral Garden is accessible to divers of all levels. This spot is also ideal for underwater photography.





The Coral Garden is located in Menjangan. Unfortunately, there is no place to stay in Menjangan since the island is uninhabited and is part of the nature reserve area of ??the West Bali National Park. Upper-middle-class resorts can be found on the northwest coast of Bali near the West Bali National Park and the Pemuteran area.


The boat departs from Pemuteran every day to serve diving and snorkeling tours to Menjangan. It is recommended to rent a private transportation or shuttle bus. You must hire a travel agent to visit Menjangan and a snorkeling guide is highly recommended for inexperienced visitors who want to try snorkeling.


For diving lovers, diving in Menjangan Island promises a very memorable experience. There are at least about 10 favorite dive spots, including Coral Garden, Mangrove Point, Underwater Cave, Dream Wall, Bat Cave, Secret Bay, Anchor Wreck, and Eel Garden.

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