The Cave of Virgin Mary in Singaraja Bali

13/12/2020 01:24

Having a reputation as a destination for the island of a thousand temples, Bali does not only have religious tourism for Hindus. You can also find spiritual tours aimed at Catholics. One of the locations that you can visit is Goa Maria Air Sanih Singaraja or what is often called Gomas Singaraja. This tourist location is not far from Yeh Sanih which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singaraja.

As the name implies, Goa Maria Air Sanih is a spiritual tour that is a pilgrimage location for Catholics. Here, you can find a cave in which there is a statue of the Virgin Mary. For tourists who are Catholic, Maria Cave has an important role, as a place that can be visited to commemorate the story of Jesus Christ who left the sinful path to the path led by God.




What Is It There?

Goa Maria Air Sanih offers a truly soothing atmosphere of spiritual tourism. Here, you will see a cave surrounded by shady areas. You will also find the existence of a cool prayer garden, making it comfortable to use as a prayer location. In addition, there is a route on the way of the cross which is a place to commemorate the story of Jesus Christ on the way to Golgotha.

The crossing route in Goa Maria Air Sanih is also intentionally placed in a shady fig, between fruit plantations and large trees. That way, the route of the cross here can offer the perfect place to reflect on oneself without being distracted by the discomfort of the hot sun. With such comfort, this place can also be a quite appropriate location to visit when you take your little one.

The supporting facilities in Goa Maria Air Sanih are also quite complete. You will find officers who regularly guard the Goa Maria area. In addition, you can also take advantage of the lodging facilities if you want to spend the night. Not to forget, there is a bathroom with a good level of cleanliness and a gift shop.




The History

The existence of Goa Maria Air Sanih was actually not too long. The existence of this cave cannot be separated from the wish of Father Willy M Batuah CDD who has an interest in Air Sanih Tourism. Therefore, he then bought 3 hectares of land in the area around Air Sanih, approximately 1.7 km away. Furthermore, Father Willy hopes that this area can be used as a prayer location.

Yeh Sanih Tourism is specifically one of the unique tourist attractions in Bali. In this place, you will find freshwater springs which are located on the beach. This spring is unique in that it flows into the ocean.

It's just that the establishment of a place to pray in the area around Wisata Air Sanih takes a long time. This effort was only realized on 23 October 2005 with the establishment of Goa Maria Air Sanih. In the manufacturing process, there is a statue of the Virgin Mary which is the work of the late Stefanus Bambang Triadji who was known as a sculpture specialist artist. This cave then received a blessing from Mgr. DR Benyamin Yosef Bria Pr.


Location and Accessibility

You can find this Catholic spiritual tourist spot in Yeh Sanih Hamlet in Proof Village, Kubu Additional District, Buleleng. From Denpasar, you need to travel 92 km to get to this place. You can reach this place from Denpasar by using the route to Sangeh and Pelaga with a 3 hour drive. In addition, the location is also close to Lovina Beach, only about 20 km apart.

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