The Bistrot Café Seminyak Bali

02/10/2020 21:19

Looking for a place to relax while enjoying delicious dishes is certainly not difficult in Bali. Various cafes and bars spread across Bali, The Bistrot Cafe Seminyak is one of them. Spending time at The Bistrot to eat and relax, of course, you will not be bored. Serving a delicious menu and a fun and comfortable appearance, make The Bistrot a must to visit.


The Beauty Design of The Bistrot Café

The Bistrot Cafe Seminyak is a restaurant and bar that has a vintage concept. The interior is truly unique and beautiful. Before you will be amazed by the flavors of the menus, you will be surprised by the room concept. The Bistrot is arguably attractive and elegant. The Bistrot has two areas, they are the ground floor and the top floor.

The walls in this room are red bricks, decorated with a variety of retro photos. The beautiful wooden ceiling and the front part of The Bistrot's own room is glass. Various antique collections from the owners are also displayed in The Bistrot area.




The classic yet elegant atmosphere, coupled with the hanging lamps emitting a soft glow, add to the glamorous side of this place. The tables and chairs themselves are dominated by wood. There is also a unique sofa with floral motifs. Apart from being unique, this place is certainly comfortable.


Menu at The Bistrot Café

There is also a lounge and bar for those of you who just want to enjoy cocktails, mocktails, or wine and dessert. The Bistrot provides a menu of European specialties. Various menus are served starting from appetizer, main course, and dessert. You can come to The Bistrot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

As an appetizer, you might try the Sesame Tofu salad, which is a dish of fresh vegetables topped with tofu and sesame seeds. There is also a Foie Grass Terrine menu, where the combination of foie gras and snakeskin chutney feels just right, coupled with the soft, warm brioche bread.




Also try the Mozzarella Beef & Buff Sandwich, where your tongue will be spoiled with an open sandwich that has beef and mozzarella cheese combined with a sauce that has a slightly sour taste. Or try a large bowl of Bouillabaise, which is a seafood dish with tomato soup layered with rouille sauce.

In closing, try ordering the Apple Tarte Tartin, which is a tart with apple puree, and comes with an ice cream on top. You can also choose Chocolate Mousse. Asian menus are also displayed here, such as fried rice, Thai Green Curry Bistrot Style, and Singapore Laksa.

To complement the food, the drinks here are Summer Detox drinks made from a mixture of strawberries, oranges, grapes, peach puree. This fresh and thick Summer Detox is ready to relieve your throat. There are also other healthy juices, namely Clean Your Body Juice, which is a combination of beetroot, ginger, and celery.


Location and Accessibility

Other drinks such as coffee, tea, and other fresh drinks are also still a lot here. You can choose according to your taste. The food here starts at around IDR 75,000 and drinks start at around IDR 25,000.

The Bistrot is located at Kayu Aya Street Number 117, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Open around 07.30 - 23.30. A strategic location can be reached from various locations. In addition, the position of this cafe is also close to the beach.

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