The Attractions in Lombok that must be visited

02/05/2020 12:02

Enjoy the beauty of the island of Lombok

Indonesia has a lot of islands with amazing natural beauty. One of them is the island of Lombok! Lombok Island is a small island in the province of Nusa Tenggara. Many tourists admire the beauty of this island tourism until now, where the beauty of tourism is able to make tourists returning back. Like its natural beauty, unique culture, and also its special food.

Even Lombok became one of the first favorite places in Indonesia or often referred to as the Lombok International Tour. Territorially, Lombok can be divided into several regions, namely East Lombok, West Lombok, Central Lombok and North Lombok. All regions have their respective tourist objects that fall into the category of attractions that must be visited! Here are some must-visit tourist attractions in Lombok that will amaze the tourists!



Gili Trawang Lombok

Gili Trawang is a small island with a length of about 2km and a width of about 1.5km, located in Pemenang District, North Lombok Regency, West Southeast. The tourists can get around the island by walking for about 2 hours.

Its location away from the crowds is able to provide a charming beach landscape and natural beauty under the sea which is really very enchanting. Even Gili Trawang is included in the ranks of the most favorite and popular island in Lombok and has even been recognized by tourists from abroad that the beauty of the island is not inferior to the beauty of other islands in Southeast Asia.

The potential of its natural such as a stretch of soft and clean white sand and the beauty of the panoramic view of the coast, as well as sea water that is very clear and rich in marine life, making this attraction suitable as a place for snorkeling and diving. This place even provides some popular dive spots.

One of the most favored spots by tourists is the sunset view that takes place in the western part of this island. This spot is a special location to enjoy the charm of the sunset. Gili Trawang also has a place called turtle conservation which is located very close to the port of Gili Trawang. This place is a place to raise turtles which will then be released into the open sea to be able to breed freely.



Pink Beach Lombok

One of famous beautiful beaches is the pink beach which has its real name, Tangsi Beach. This beach is located in Serokah Village, Jerowaru District, and East Lombok Regency.

As the name implies Pink Beach, this beach has pink sand which is very beautiful. This is one of 2 beaches that have pink sand in Indonesia. The sand can have a pink color that arises because of biological events where soft white sand splashes with fine fragments of dead red coral. So that the pure pink color of sand occurs naturally through biological events.

To be able to enter and enjoy the beauty of this pink beach, you need to pay a ticket price of IDR 5,000 per person. The price is very cheap compared to the sensation of its natural beauty that can be obtained.



Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok

The next tourist attraction that is worth visiting in Lombok is the Tanjung Aan beach. This beach is famous for its uniqueness and exoticism. That is a stretch of white sand with a unique texture. The sensation of the uniqueness of this beach sand will be felt when stepping foot barefoot. Its texture feels like the peppercorns formed by the formation of coral fossils around the coast. The tourists who set foot on the sand of this beach will feel like the soles of their feet are treated with acupuncture.

Besides being decorated with a unique stretch of white sand, this beach is also surrounded by rows of hills that complement its natural beauty. But the texture of sand on the beach is different from the texture of the sand around the hill. The texture of the sand around the hill will feel softer. From the top of the hill, the natural charm of the beach will look more clear and beautiful. Like the charm of the sunset in the afternoon.

Although this beach is directly related to the Indian Ocean, the waves are quite calm. In addition, the atmosphere on the beach is very calm and free of pollution. The tourists who visit can enjoy the view while relaxing sunbathing. On this beach also has been prepared wooden umbrella with straw knitted as the roof.



Rinjani Mountain Lombok

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in West Sumatra. This mountain is located in the West Nusa Landmark and has a height of 3,726 meters above sea level. This place is very suitable for hiking / trekking activities. Not only suitable, but also as one of the trekking destinations in Indonesia. Because climbers who climb this mountain must have and prepare for a healthy physique.

This mountain is part of the Mount Rinjani National Park, as well as the entrance to Mount Rinjani which is managed by the RTC (Rinjani Trekking Center). In one year, Mount Rinjani is only allowed to climb from April to December. Especially in January to March it becomes a dangerous month for climbing mountains. Because in that time period the land conservation activities were carried out. In addition, the weather is often rainy.

At the foot of Mount Rinjani there is a lake called Lake Segara Anak which means sea child. The lake's flat land is wide enough to often be a place for tourists to camp especially those who will make the climb. In addition to camping, it can also be a place for fishing and soaking in sulfur hot water near the lake.

From the top of Mount Rinjani, tourists can see the whole view of Lombok and even the islands of Sumbawa and Mount Agung in Bali can also be seen.



Sade Lombok Traditional House

Sade traditional house in Lombok is one of the attractions that represent the beauty of cultural tourism in Lombok. The location of this Sade traditional house is not far from Lombok International Airport. Precisely located in Central Lombok, Pujut, Rembitan Village.

This village is home to the Sasak people of Lombok, the native Lombok people whose lives are still very traditional. Everything in the traditional village of Sade uses natural ingredients. The pillars are also made of wood, and the walls are woven bamboo, the roof is thatch, and the floor is still ground. The uniqueness of this traditional village is that the land is covered with buffalo dung which does not leave a smell.

The house in the traditional village of Sade has 2 parts, namely an outdoor bale for male guests, and an inner bale for women. In addition, the traditional house of Sade Village has a distinctive building located in the middle of the village, namely the rice barn which has the name Barugak, which was made by the surrounding community. Another uniqueness of this traditional village is in the style of community dress that uses sarong, both men and women. The majority of villagers earn a living as farmers.



Gili Nanggu Lombok

Gili Nanggu is one of the 3 dyke that is most often visited by many tourists in Lombok. The reason is because Gili Nanggu has interesting things to enjoy. One of them is a beautiful sea view that is perfect as a place for tourists to snorkel.

The tourists who do snorkeling can enjoy the good coral scenery and tens to hundreds of species of sea fish. Where there is one fish that is most sought after is clown fish or nemo fish. On Gili Nanggu can also be used as a camping spot. There are tent rentals with a fee of IDR 100,000 per tent.

To get to Gili Nanggu, tourists must cross the sea by boat. The ticket price for the ship is only IDR 35,000 per person. With that price, visitors can enjoy Gili Nanggu to their heart's content from 9 am to 3 pm.



Gili Kedis Lombok

Gili Kedis is located in Sekotong Tegah, West Lombok Regency. This island is famous as a very small island. However, this island is visited by many tourists. This tourist area is surrounded by clean white sandy beaches that look sparkling in the sun, precisely at noon. Interesting activities that can be done on this island such as walking around the island, relaxing by the beach, swimming and diving. This island is very suitable to be a place to relax because it has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.



Pergasingan Hill Lombok

This hill has become a Nature Tourism Park that has been visited by many tourists. Pergasingan hill Lombok is surrounded by majestic Mount Rinjani. The view is still very green coupled with the rice fields of Sembalun Village residents that look colorful when viewed from high above. Nature that is still green and beautiful certainly has a cool air typical of the mountains.

This hill is located in Sembalun Village, Lawang, East Lombok and is a suitable place for trekking. Some other activities that are rather extreme can also be done in this place. Such as free fall with equipment in the middle of rice fields with views of Mount Rinjani, mountain biking and many others. Certainly these activities are very suitable to be able to enjoy the beauty of this hill.

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