The Amora Bali Restaurant

01/12/2022 09:29


as an island with its stunning beauty. Starting from its natural beauty, cultural uniqueness with various adequate facilities. Easy to get fun in Bali. There are many famous areas in Bali which are commonly referred to as tourist areas. Where the tourist area there are many interesting attractions. Starting from the one with natural beauty called natural attractions, then cultural attractions to culinary attractions.

One of the famous tourist attractions in the Kintamani area is The Amora Bali Restaurant. This place is one of the best restaurant choices to enjoy the beauty of the scenery while eating food that tastes delicious.




Interesting Things About The Amora Bali Restaurant

Amora Bali Restaurant has an attraction that can attract tourists. The location of this restaurant really supports its natural beauty, which is not far from Mount Batur. So that tourists can enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur freely.

In addition, The Amora Bali restaurant also serves a variety of menus that taste delicious. So besides being spoiled by the beauty of Mount Batur, tourists will also be spoiled with the taste of every food and drink ordered.


The Best Photo Spots At The Amora Bali Restaurant

Because of the beauty of the view of Mount Batur, there are many beautiful places indoors to be used as photo spots. There is one interesting photo spot that is most often used as a place to take pictures by visitors. The spot is in an open area with a background that directly displays views of Mount Batur. This spot displays views of Mount Batur without being covered by any buildings so that the photos look more enchanting. Surely this restaurant is suitable for photo hunters, one of which is selfie lovers.

The beauty of the scenery that can be found in this restaurant is not only Mount Batur, but also the view of Lake Batur. Of course, the combination of the beautiful scenery of Mount Batur and Lake Batur makes this restaurant so popular with tourists, especially those in the Kintamani area. Therefore, many tourists, both local and foreign, can be found at this restaurant.




Delicious Food Menu at Special Prices at Amora Bali Restaurant

Amora Bali Restaurant offers a wide selection of food menus. The food menu offered ranges from traditional Balinese menus, oriental menus to western food menus. With a large and varied selection of food menus, of course it does not limit tourists in choosing the desired food menu. The food menu that can be found such as sate lilit, gado-gado, fried rice, chicken wings, betutu chicken and many more. This restaurant uses pork as the main ingredient in serving its food. But vegan food is also available.

In addition, this restaurant also provides Balinese snacks such as Lak-Lak. This snack has the same shape as pancakes, only the composition and way of serving are different. Interestingly, visitors can witness the making of Lak-Lak first hand.



Amora Bali Restaurant is located on Jl. Raya Penelokan number 999, Kintamani.


Opening hours

Every day from 8am to 4pm.


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