Tanjung Benoa Beach

25/12/2021 01:04

Bali and all the amazing things in it make the name of this island known to foreign countries. So many tourists from all over the world are found throughout the Bali region. One of the areas visited by many tourists is the Nusa Dua tourist area. This area is a strategic area where many tourist attractions are ready to be visited by tourists.

One of the attractions in Nusa Dua which is a famous place and even a favorite place for tourists is Tanjung Benoa beach. There are no tourists who are not flattered by the beauty of the scenery which is one of the attractions of this beach.




A Short History of Tanjung Benoa Beach

Before this beach developed into a coastal tourist area, it used to be a fishing village whose livelihoods were fishermen. However, the development of Tanjung Benoa beach into a tourist area has changed the livelihoods of most of the residents, both as hotel employees and as owners of tourism businesses. Currently, almost all waterfront areas are transformed into hotel areas.


Tanjung Benoa Beach Attractiveness

Tanjung Benoa Beach is a very famous vacation spot as the location for the best marine tourism activities. One of them is water sports activities. Therefore, almost every day Tanjung Benoa Beach is never empty of tourists.

However, that does not mean that water sports are the only activity that can be done on this beach. Many of the tourists who do other activities such as leisurely walks on the beach, sit back while enjoying the beautiful view of the beach.

The beauty of beautiful white sand and calm sea waves is one of the attractions of this beach. This makes tourists feel comfortable and very close to nature. Of course, the view of the sunset will be the most awaited sight by the visiting tourists.




The Fun Activities to Do

However, water sports are the most interesting and popular activities for tourists. Many tourists call this beach a center for marine tourism activities and a paradise for water sports. Apart from being a water sport activity, there are also many water sports service providers that support this activity. This beach also has very calm sea waves with an average depth of 6 meters. From the north end to the south end of this beach, there are rows of companies providing water sport activities with a wide selection of vehicles.

Available facilities include parasailing, jet skis, banana boats, fly fish, snorkeling, and tours to Turtle Island. So that this one tourist spot is the most recommended place to visit. Surely tourists, especially children will like this place.



Tanjung Benoa Beach is located at the southeastern tip of the island of Bali, precisely in the district of South Kuta.



To get to Tanjung Benoa Beach if taken from Ngurah Rai airport takes 35 minutes. Even if the road is not jammed. But in reality, road conditions are never congested, especially during the holiday season. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Bali Mandara toll road.

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