Singsing Angin Waterfall

22/07/2021 21:05


There will be no end to a vacation in Bali because there are so many fun things to do. This island is a favorite choice of many tourists, both local and foreign tourists. Its natural beauty and uniqueness is one of the biggest attractions to attract many tourists to come on vacation to Bali. This island has even earned the nickname heaven on earth because there are so many pleasures to be had while on vacation in Bali.

The tourists who vacation in Bali will have many choices of places to visit. There are many popular tourist attractions that will greatly entertain many tourists, ranging from natural attractions, cultural attractions, to various other entertainment places. Of all, natural attractions are the most popular, one of which is Sing Sing Angin waterfall.




Popularity of Sing Sing Angin Waterfall

Bali's nature tourism has indeed become one of the leading attractions for tourists, one of which is the natural beauty of waterfalls which are in great demand, moreover they are lovers of nature tourism and adventure hobbies, then waterfall attractions will be an ideal destination, for that Sing waterfall. Sing Angin, which is located in Banjar Apit Yeh, Manikyang village, Selemadeg District, Tabanan, is also an interesting thing to know about, so that it can become the next new tourist destination for those who love natural beauty.

The existence of the Sing Sing Angin waterfall is not yet very popular, but it is possible that tourists have heard of the existence of the Singsing waterfall which is located in the village of Temukus Buleleng, these are two different places and offer their own uniqueness and beauty. Sing Sing Angin Waterfall itself is starting to be known by the outside world through social media, those who visit indirectly participate in promoting or introducing this natural tourism, so those who want to know new tourist attractions in Bali, then this waterfall must be visited. .


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The Beauty of Sing Sing Angin Waterfall

Gradually the Sing Sing Angin waterfall became known, a number of foreign tourists were also interested in getting to know this tourist attraction in Tabanan more closely, especially tourists who live in the Tabanan Regency area or those adjacent to the waterfall so that they can make it the next tour destination. although the access to the waterfall is not so good, for 3 km to the Sing Sing Angin waterfall, tourists have to pass through a road that is not so smooth, thus reducing driving comfort, however, the natural scenery along the way is quite amazing.

The Sing Sing Angin waterfall tourist attraction does offer a hidden beauty that is different from other waterfalls, although it is not too high, but the beauty of the waterfall that seems to flow over rocks in the green nature around it, presenting special natural scenery, can eliminate boredom and ideal as a place to get away from the hustle bustle. If tourists have a tour agenda to the Tabanan Bali area, then schedule a tour for tourists to this place. Visit on a sunny day and outside of the rainy season, to avoid slippery roads and murky river water.



Manikyang, Kec. Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency.


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