Sarinbuana Eco Lodge Bali

08/11/2020 21:27

Recently, many hotels in Bali are labeling themselves as environmentally friendly inns. It's just that, sometimes the label is used even though an inn uses a few eco-friendly aspects. However, you will encounter different things while staying the night at Sarinbuana Eco Lodge Tabanan.

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is one of the pioneers of eco-friendly hotels on the island of Bali. Hotels like this are indeed one of the lodgings that are sought after by tourists, especially foreign tourists. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is an environmentally-based lodging that does not just fulfill the requirements for saving electricity.


Sarinbuana Eco Lodge Meets 29 of 33 Green Criteria

Hotel Sarinbuana has been operating since 1995. Since the first time running its business, this hotel has always tried to maintain a balanced relationship with the environment. Moreover, the location is in an area that must be maintained, namely at the foot of Mount Batukaru which is the second-highest mountain on the island of Bali.

The site determines there are 33 criteria of an environmentally friendly hotel. Well, this inn meets 29 of the criteria. As proof, this natural resort has won the famous Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards. Not just once, but twice at once.




Then, how environmentally friendly is the atmosphere in Sarinbuana Eco Lodge Bali? There are many factors that you can look at firsthand. First, it can be seen from the water quality. Here, the water you get is freshwater from the mountains, free of chlorine. The water pool is also chlorine-free, and its cleanliness and clarity are maintained.

Furthermore, you will find an interesting atmosphere when entering the night time. You can hear the natural music orchestra played by the animals around the hotel. You will also find the presence of insects that sometimes play into the room. The presence of these insects does not indicate poor room quality, but rather an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.




Tree Donation Program from Sarinbuana Eco Lodge Tabanan

Not only environmentally friendly, but Sarinbuana Eco Lodge also plays an active role in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Various programs are provided by the resort so that the natural atmosphere around the hotel is well preserved. One of the efforts referred to is the implementation of a tree donation program.

Hotel guests are encouraged to participate in the tree donation program. To participate in this program, guests only need to donate a certain amount of funds, which are then used to buy seeds from local farmers. Furthermore, the resort will sow tree seeds and shoots that have been collected on the slopes of Mount Batukaru, at least 3 times a year.




It's still not quite there, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge also has an interesting activity in the form of a Rainforest Walk. Through this activity, guests will be invited to explore the forest area around Gunung Batukaru. They will be accompanied by a guide who comes from the local community. The goal is that guests can see firsthand the benefits of the natural forest atmosphere and encourage efforts to protect it.

Quite an interesting experience staying at this hotel, isn't it? If you want to stay here, you can go to the hotel location which is located in Wanagiri Village, Selemadeg District, Tabanan, Bali.

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