Pinggan Village

27/05/2021 18:19

Vacation moments are moments that many tourists have been waiting for. Tourists, especially those who like traveling, must have determined the best tourist destinations and the island of Bali is a popular tourist destination that is visited by many local and foreign tourists.

Many tourists come to visit Bali because they like and really enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of Bali. Especially its natural beauty which is so popular and has been recognized by the eyes of the world. In Bali, there are many popular tourist objects that must be visited, especially the natural tourist attraction in Kintamani, namely Pinggan Village.




The Beauty of Natural Scenery in Pinggan Village

Pinggan Village Kintamani is a vacation location that is no less interesting on the island of Bali. Especially if tourists are people who like to hunt sunrise views. This place presents a view of the sunrise on the eastern horizon from its location in the form of a plateau. Of course this experience becomes an exciting experience when tourists come to Pinggan Village. So far, only beaches are the favorite locations to watch the sunrise phenomenon. However, this assumption immediately changed when the indisputable beauty of the sunrise was also displayed in Pinggan Village.

The Kintamani region is indeed famous for its cool air. No wonder Kintamani is always visited by tourists to get the beauty of the natural mountain scenery in Bali. The view of Mount Batur and the lake looks very stunning when seen from Kintamani. There is a village in Kintamani which has the best spot to see the beauty of Bali in the morning, namely Pinggan Village. This village, which is in the Kintamani region, presents a view of a misty village with a beautiful mountainous backdrop.


The Best Time to Enjoy Sunrise

If visitors want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in Pinggan Village, visitors can come at around 05.30 WITA. This is because the phenomenon of the beautiful sunrise will begin to appear in Pinggan Village starting at 06.00 WITA.

If the visitors depart from Denpasar, the time needed to reach the location of Pinggan Village is around 2 hours 15 minutes. So when visitors want to see the beautiful sunrise here, visitors must leave early in the morning. However, if visitors stay in the Kintamani tourist area, of course, there is no need to wake up too early. Don't miss this special moment.




The Beauty of Sunrise in Pinggan Village

Because it is located at an altitude of the mountains, Pinggan Village has a very cold temperature reaching 16-18o Celsius and this is included in the category with very cold temperatures. Therefore, if you come here, you should wear a thick jacket or clothes, wear long pants and shoes in the cold mountain air of Pinggan Village. The beauty of the sunrise in Pinggan Kintamani Village is added to the even more beautiful by the presence of a carpet of fog that lies in the mountainous area. Below is a view of the rice fields that are vaguely covered in fog.

If you don't want to miss the beauty of this fog, it's best not to come during the rainy season. The best month to enjoy the sunrise and fog in Pinggan Village is around September - November. What you can do in Pinggan Village is to relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air. In addition, this location is very beautiful if wrapped in the eye of the camera. No wonder many tourists who come to Pinggan Village always capture their moments here. Traveling to enjoy the beauty of the morning in Pinggan Village, you don't need an entrance ticket, aka free.

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