Paragliding on Timbing Hill

20/09/2021 01:23

Anyone who wants to take a vacation and look for the best tourist destinations will definitely choose the island of Bali as one of their tourist destinations. This is reasonable considering the beauty and uniqueness of the island of Bali. Moreover, its stunning natural beauty amazes anyone who sees it.

The island of Bali has a variety of interesting tourist attractions that must be visited. Starting from nature tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism and various other entertainment places that present the beauty and uniqueness of the island of Bali. In each tourist attraction there are also many interesting and fun activities to do, such as paragliding on Timbing Hill.




The Exciting Adventure Enjoying Paragliding on Timbing Hill

Paragliding or paragliding on Timbis Hill in Kutuh village, South Kuta, is one of the extreme adventure tourism activities that is now known by domestic tourists. This tour in Bali provides an exciting, cool experience and a real challenge to test your guts, unlike other adventure tours such as rafting, surfing, ATV rides, off road, trekking or rock climbing, Odyssey Submarine submarine tours and various watersport activities in Tanjung Benoa. so popular and famous, and now it's time to try paragliding as the next challenge.

In 2008 it was used as the venue for the Asian Beach Games, followed by 42 participating countries by competing in 18 sports and one of them was paragliding, and Timbis beach was used as a place for paragliding. Since the event, Bukit Timbis has become increasingly popular among lovers of extreme paragliding.

In Bali itself there are several paragliding tourist attractions, but Timbis Hill is the most popular adventure tourist spot, even this place can be one of the tourist attractions in Bali to relax and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of its surroundings. The area in the Timbis hill area, has a height of about 110 meters above the surface, and the cliffs of the hill are quite direct with the Timbis beach below, the wind gusts are also quite supportive of paragliding. activities here.


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The Sensation of Paragliding in Timbing Hill

The thrilling paragliding sensation is indeed very suitable for lovers of extreme adventure tourism, this activity is not only for those who are experienced, but also for those who are still beginners, for those who are experienced can ride and control their own paragliding. . However, for beginners, they can ride a paragliding (tandem) pilot, the pilot himself is behind, so that tourists can freely enjoy the beauty of the surrounding natural scenery. This sport is always exciting and fun to enjoy, can hone and stimulate adrenaline.

Flying over Timbis Hill you will be treated to a variety of beautiful and amazing natural scenery, with its beautiful nature wrapped in blue sea framed by white sandy beaches and fortified by beautiful cliffs of Timbis hill. You can also see villa buildings such as small villages with rock cliffs in this area, especially in the afternoon, when the sunset is seen flying at a more dramatic height.



Located between the beach attractions Pandawa Beach and Gunung Payung beach.

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