Nunggalan Beach

27/07/2022 23:16

Comes with beach frills, Palm Beach Hotel Bali really presents a tourist attraction that displays its natural beauty. In particular, this beach is indeed the right choice if you want to feel the atmosphere of a holiday in Bali and make beautiful memories. Its strategic location makes this beach close to various other tourist attractions.

This special location makes this beach so attractive for tourists. Every tourist, both local and foreign tourists will be guaranteed the best vacation experience. This unparalleled natural beauty makes Nunggalan beach always enlivened by many tourists from abroad.


Popular Natural Tourist Attractions in Bali

Bali is indeed popular because it has many very popular beach attractions, the beaches in Bali have their own character and offer a variety of beauty as well. As well as coastal areas located in the South Bali tourism area. The area is dominated by white sand beaches, and more specifically the beaches in the Pecatu or Uluwatu area, here the beaches tend to be under cliffs or fortified by hills and one of them is Nunggalan beach.

The name Nunggalan beach is not so popular, this is because not many tourists have visited this beach attraction. Its location at the foot of the hill, it takes an extra struggle to get to the beach. The beautiful charm offered by this beach in the Uluwatu area, seems hidden so it is still rarely visited. This place is in the tourist area of ??Uluwatu, the location is in the same direction as the Uluwatu tourist attraction.


The Charm of the Beauty of Nunggalan Beach

Tourists are treated to beautiful views from a height, treats to views of the blue sea, vast expanses of white sand beaches and views of rocks that combine beautifully, presenting a beauty that is not found anywhere else.

On the way, tourists can take a short break while enjoying the natural panorama from a height, of course, for those who like selfie photo tours, this place is perfect for posing. Along the trekking trip to Nunggalan beach in Uluwatu Badung, there are a number of simple stalls, as a place to rest. Tourists can take a break in this place while relaxing, enjoying a drink and witnessing the beauty of the surrounding nature.


The Exciting and Popular Activities at Nunggalan Beach

Nunggalan Beach offers views of white sand beaches, expanse of blue sea and hidden behind the hills of Pecatu. Pecatu coral hill looks green overgrown with various tropical trees. The natural atmosphere is calm, peaceful and pleasant, the efforts and struggles of the tourists to get to this place have paid off. On this beach there are many shade trees for shelter, so there is no need to rent a beach umbrella like at other beaches.

This place is still natural and beautiful as if untouched, even though it is in the tourist area of ??Uluwatu. Feel the calm natural atmosphere at night accompanied by only waves and night insects, definitely can provide the best holiday experience during camping events.



Nunggalan Beach is located on Jalan Batu Nunggalan, Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency.

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