New Kuta Green Park

29/07/2022 02:33

The excitement of vacationing in Bali will be priceless because there is so much beauty and uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. The island of Bali is often the best choice of tourist destination by tourists, both local tourists and foreign tourists. This one tourist spot is very popular as the Heaven of the World. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists enliven the island of Bali, especially during the holiday season.

The island of Bali is greatly admired for its natural beauty, and its unique culture. In addition, there are also many popular tourist objects that must be visited. Starting from natural attractions, cultural attractions, and various other hangout places. One of the hangout places for tourists while on vacation in Bali is New Kuta Green Park.




The Best Attractions For Recreation In Bali

Recreational places in Bali, provide various options, such as beach tours, lakes, terraced rice fields, or mountain climbing. In addition to natural tourism, artificial recreation parks are also no less interesting, such as the existence of New Kuta Green Park which is located on the Uluwatu highway, Pecatu village, South Kuta District, Kab. Badung Bali. Located in the Pecatu Graha area which has an area of ??400 hectares, in the area besides the New Kuta Green Park water park there are also golf courses, condominiums and hotels. The location is one lane with the Dreamland beach tourist attraction.

New Kuta Green Park offers a playground with various water rides, very suitable for families, especially tourist attractions for children. This water park has an area of ????about 5 hectares, ready to provide the best offer for children and families to enjoy various water rides at lower prices than other water rides in Kuta. New Kuta Green Park is a modern water play facility that provides a playground for children or babies as well as for adults.




The Best Ride Offers In New Kuta Green Park

In the Kuta and South Kuta areas, there are a number of water parks or water parks that offer various games and prices, such as the popular ones, namely Waterboom Park, Circus Waterpark Bali, Nirmala Waterpark Unggasan and now New Kuta Green Park. Bringing a new feel to this list of artificial amusement parks. This water park at Pecatu Graha offers its own and different sensation, especially paying attention to all the details of the game, especially for toddlers, even for babies, a swimming pool is provided, so the place is not only suitable for adults, but can be an ideal tourist park for children. . - kids too.

The rides at New Kuta Green Park are very well designed, so that visitors who enjoy them don't feel bored, such as for children besides the children's pool there is also a slide for children, water spills from large buckets and showers so that the day can be fun. . For teenagers, adults and challengers, of course, the three water slides that can be enjoyed the most, such as the Rajawali and Rangkong slides at a height of 10 meters, tourists enjoying the slides on the big pipe, and the Merak slide with wavy slides. at a height of 8 meters. meters like a peacock's tail.


New Kuta Green Park Entrance Ticket Prices

When compared to other places, the entrance ticket to this water park is quite cheap, especially with the number of rides provided is quite a lot, here are the ticket prices for this water park;

Adults: IDR 90.000/pax

Children: IDR 65,000/pax

Children under 80 cm tall: free



Uluwatu Highway, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung.

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