Mount Abang

15/07/2021 21:46

Vacation moments are the ones that many tourists look forward to. Tourists who like to travel must have chosen the best tourist destinations to visit and the island of Bali is often the most preferred tourist destination for many tourists. Starting from local tourists to foreign tourists fill the island of Bali during the Bali holiday period.

Everything is because the beauty and uniqueness that is very stunning can be obtained easily when on vacation in Bali. There are many tourist attractions that can be visited while on vacation in Bali, ranging from cultural attractions, natural attractions, to other entertainment places. Mount Abang Kintamani is a very popular natural tourist attraction in Bali.




The Highest Mountain, Mount Abang Kintamani

It is the third highest mountain after Mount Agung and Batur, and the highest plateau on the edge of the Mount Batur caldera. This mountain offers an amazing natural charm that makes it a climbing tourist destination for those who love adventure nature, in this area there is also a temple which is a washing place for Hindus, so it is not surprising that Mount Abang is a destination for Hindus to pray. Mount Abang and Mount Bisbis or Lempuyang, which is one of the temples in the Mount Lempuyang area, namely the Penataran Agung Lempuyang Temple which is the most popular selfie photo tourist destination in East Bali.

Mount Abang itself offers an interesting climbing sensation, certainly different from climbing to Mount Batur or Mount Agung which are two active mountains in Bali. Climbing on Mount Abang is more like on Mount Batukaru, through dense jungle and adventure in the wilderness and becomes a wild adventure tour that is quite challenging.




The Situation of Mount Abang Kintamani

Mount Abang has a height of about 2,152 meters above sea level, is the highest point of the Mount Batur caldera embankment which has an area of ??13.8 x 10 km. What is quite interesting is that between Mount Abang and Mount Batur the position is face to face, Mount Abang is in the east position and Mount Batur is in the west position. So when you are at the top of Mount Abang, then you can see the beauty of Mount and Lake Batur perfectly, as well as in the East you can see the beauty of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, and then the majestic charm of Mount Agung looks so amazing, you can watch beauty in all directions perfectly from the top of Mount Abang.

The best time to climb to Mount Abang is in the morning, which is expected to reach the top of the mountain in the morning, when the sun appears slowly from the eastern horizon, the natural beauty of the sunrise or sunrise from Mount Abang is indeed a destination for travelers. climbers, as well as Mount Batur and Agung, they climb to these mountains just to enjoy the sensation of nature in the morning, so that they get an atmosphere like in a spectacular land above the clouds. The hike to the top of Mount Abang takes about 4 hours to get to the top from the start point of the climb, so prepare your time and stamina well, so that your adventure tour is as expected.



Mount Abang is located in Abangsongan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency

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