Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu

22/03/2021 00:36

The nuance of being in Santorini, Greece is the main attraction of Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu. This luxury hotel is located on a cliff with a sea view that every of its guest can witness directly. Not only that, the atmosphere of the building which is dominated by white is deliberately intended to give an impression similar to Santorini.

They present a similar impression to the atmosphere in Santorini through a special room which they call the Santorini Loft. Santorini Loft Villa provides a beautiful view of the sea straight out of the door of the room. This atmosphere makes it feel romantic, especially if you are on vacation here with your partner.

Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu is a 5-star accommodation service that guarantees luxury to every guest. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the complete facilities provided by the hotel. They guarantee that guests' needs will be met, and served in luxurious packaging that exceeds expectations.




Santorini Loft at Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu

The Santorini Loft at Morabito Art Cliff consists of 2 rooms, namely the Massalia Bedroom and the Dali Bedroom. Both of them have an area of ??25 square meters. In addition, both of them are also directly facing the Indonesian Ocean.

Furthermore, Santorini Loft is also equipped with a family room area which has an area of ??up to 120 square meters. This room is equipped with a stereo system for entertainment. In addition, there is also a dining room, kitchen, and a place to relax that offers direct views of Bingin Beach.

One of the highlights of the Santorini Loft at Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu is its open terrace area. Here, you can find a large sofa and a jacuzzi for a place to relax.

One thing that makes this hotel comfortable is the existence of a comfortable outdoor swimming pool. The swimming pool is located on a cliff and provides 180 degree views of the ocean. With an atmosphere like that, you will feel like you are at home and feel very calm.

Apart from Santorini Loft, Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu also provides other villas that are no less luxurious. You can find Capri Loft, Miami Loft, and Manhattan Loft. All of them offer luxury and unique designs facing the ocean directly.




Overnight Rates and Location of Morabito Art Cliff Uluwatu

With the luxury they provide, don't expect cheap rates when staying at this villa. At least, you have to be willing to spend IDR 6.7 million to spend one night here. However, that kind of money would be equivalent to the luxurious experience gained.

This hotel is located on Jl. Bingin Beach, Pecatu Uluwatu. As already mentioned, the view of Bingin Beach can be seen directly from inside the hotel. If you want to feel the excitement on the beach, you only need to walk a few meters.

From the location of this hotel, you can also reach a number of other popular tourist attractions in Bali. Uluwatu Temple with its unique Kecak dance performance, you can visit simply by traveling about 4 km. In addition, you can also take the time to come to Padang-Padang Beach and Dreamland Beach. As for access to the airport, it is only 9 km away and a free shuttle service is available.

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