Mertasari Beach Sanur

09/03/2022 06:13

Vacations by visiting the best tourist destinations are part of the agenda of many people. Especially tourists who like to travel, the best tourist destinations are very important for their vacation period. The island of Bali is part of a tourist destination that is chosen by many tourists. Where many tourists can get pleasure and beautiful memories in Bali.

So many tourist attractions and fun activities await tourists while on vacation in Bali. These various tourist objects display all the beauty and uniqueness that Bali has. One of them is a natural tourist attraction that is most sought after by tourists. Like Sanur Beach.




The Beauty of Mertasari Beach Sanur

Mertasari Beach Sanur is one of a row of beautiful beaches that can be visited while going to Sanur. Besides Mertasari, there are also several rows of other beautiful beaches which are also crowded by tourists. Among them are Segara Ayu Beach, Sunrise Beach, Bali Beach, Semawang Beach, Karan Beach or Sindhu Beach.

And from this row of beaches, Mertasari Beach has its own uniqueness and characteristics. In this place, the traveler can feel the atmosphere of the beautiful scenery is very interesting. Besides being able to watch the sunrise view, Mertasari Beach is also a location to be able to see the sunset view. This is possible because Mertasari Beach faces north. The visitors are also spoiled by the presence of a side gazebo to watch the sunset and sunrise views. In addition, this beach is also a place to play water and swim which is crowded by visitors. Not to forget, local people also often use Mertasari Beach as a location to play kites.


The Interesting Activities At Mertasari Beach Sanur

Mertasari Beach Sanur also has many favorite photo spots, you know. In the western part of Mertasari Beach, visitors will be able to find fantastic photo spots. In this place, there are rows of dry mangrove trees that will look very beautiful if used as a photo background.

Especially if you take pictures here in the afternoon. The number of interesting photo spots makes this place also often chosen as the location for pre-wedding photos. So, don't be surprised if tourists will find the presence of a prospective bride and groom taking intimate photos in this Mertasari beach area.




The Fun Facilities Mertasari Beach Sanur

In addition, there is also a new location that is widely used as a favorite photo spot for tourists on Mertasari Beach. Its name is Dream Island, which is part of an area called Fantasy Park. Here, there is a swing similar to the Sunset Wave on Gili Grawangan, Lombok. However, to enter this area, visitors are charged a fee of Rp. 20,000.00 per person. By paying for the ticket, visitors will get a welcome drink and a piece of watermelon.

But what needs to be considered, tourists must be patient enough if they want to pose on this Dream Island swing. Especially if it's crowded. Tourists also have to be patient to queue so that they get their turn. The atmosphere will also be very crowded when you come to Dream Island at the time of sunset. The atmosphere of the sunset combined with the swing by the beach, indeed bewitching the attention of many tourists to come to this place.



Jl. Tirta Empul Sanur.


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