Melasti Beach Cliff

23/11/2021 03:08

Vacationing in Bali is the most beautiful moment and eagerly awaited by many tourists. The charm of the beauty of the island of Bali is able to amaze anyone who sees it, being the strongest reason why this island is always crowded with tourists. Moreover, the charm of the natural beauty of the sea that may not be found elsewhere.

The beauty of the island of Bali itself has been recognized by all the eyes of the world. There are many fun things that can be done in Bali to make beautiful memories, one of which is by visiting many tourist attractions that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Bali tourism. Starting from nature tourism, cultural tourism, to culinary tourism. Most of these attractions are popular, such as Melasti Beach Cliffs.




Main Attractions Of Melasti Beach Cliffs

Melasti Beach is a tourist attraction that has long been popular until now. This tourist spot is very interesting to visit. This Melasti beach cliff is located in the tourist area of ??southern Bali which is famous for its beautiful white sand.

The main attraction of Melasti Beach Ungasan lies in the access road to Melasti Beach Ungasan. Tourists must pass through a winding downhill road that is above the towering white limestone cliffs. The beauty of the limestone cliffs that surround the Melasti beach area, becomes a unique sight, the winding road with high cliffs, there is even a part of the road that divides the hill, so it feels fantastic to walk between two high cliffs, capturing places special like this. The uniqueness of this tourist spot in Bali is not only in the beauty of the beach but also in the view of the winding limestone cliffs, which blend harmoniously, presenting an amazing panorama.

On the west side of the Pandawa beach there is a statue of Hanoman or Wanara, so the name of this beach is also known as Wanara beach. On the east side of the beach is still full of rocks, still waiting for the next arrangement. In the middle of Melasti beach, a platform protrudes into the beach to make it easier for residents to carry out the Melasti ceremony, while on weekdays it can be used for recreational fishing.




Fun Activities on the Cliffs of Melasti Beach

From the top of the cliff, tourists will be bored to see and enjoy the beautiful view of the beach. The beauty of this beach is often used as a wedding backdrop. Therefore, many brides and grooms choose the road to Melasti beach, Ungasan, which is used as a location for pre-wedding photos on the island of Bali. Either with a cliff background or a south sea view background.

To be able to do a pre-wedding photo session at Melasti beach, Ungasan, tourists will be charged a pre-wedding location fee. By paying for the pre-wedding location, couples and photographer crews can use special facilities, such as a separate dressing room and toilet.

The plan is that at Melasti Beach Ungasan there will be facilities for marine tourism activities such as banana boat rides and jet skis. So it's like a Tanjung Benoa watersport activity.



Location of Melasti Beach in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Kab. Badung Bali. Located in the South Bali region.

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