Luhur Lempuyangan Temple

26/07/2020 22:07

Luhur Lempuyangan Temple Bali is a religious tourism location and sacred area for Hindus in Bali island. Located in Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency, Luhur Lempuyangan Temple which is located on the top of the Bisbis hill is functioned as a holy place to glorify and worship Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa in its manifestation as the Hyang Gni or Isawara Stana god.


Before the tourists visit this sacred temple, there are a few things to note. Because it is on the mountain, physical endurance needs to be prepared in advance so that you are strong to climb around 1750 steps to reach the Luhur Lempuyangan Temple.




Do’s and Don’ts in Luhur Lempuyangan Temple Bali

Some restrictions must be obeyed by visitors such as not allowed to say harshly on the way to the location, people with disabilities or grieving people, women who are menstruating, breastfeeding, small children whose milk teeth have not been dated should not be invited to visit the temple, and not may bring or eat pork on location.

Because the location of Luhur Lempuyangan Temple is very sacred, Hindu people who want to pray must also be sincere in praying and it is said that the word "tired" is never spoken here. While for tourists, this temple is also a challenge. Especially because to get there, tourists are required to climb thousands of stairs.

Luhur Lempuyangan Temple is derived from the word lempuyang which means lamp, light, and Hyang to refer to Ida Shang Hyang Widhi. From these words so that Bangkuyang has the meaning of the sacred rays of Ida Shang Hyang Widhi that shine brightly.




In Luhur Lempuyangan Temple there is a Stana Dewa or pelinggih called Tirta Pingit. Tirta Pingit is holy water derived from three bamboo clumps. If the pemedek (Hindus) wants to get this water or holy water, the stakeholders (holy people) will cut the bamboo stems from the clump.

Then from the bamboo stems will come out water. The water that comes out is called Tirta Pingit. The Tirta Pingit Pelinggih is located among a cluster of bamboo growing at the top of the Luhur Lempuyangan Temple site.


Location and Accessibility

From Denpasar City, the location of Luhur Lempuyangan Temple can be reached through the Candi Dasa tourist area through Amlapura City (the capital of Karangasem Regency), which takes around 2 hours by car. Another alternative route is through the Karangasem Strait District, through the town of Semarapura by taking the path that leads to Besakih.

The location of Luhur Lempuyangan Temple has its uniqueness that is pure natural beauty, especially the forest area. Its condition was untouched so that the valley and coastal areas of East Bali look very amazing. Tropical trees that grow very fertile and dense.

No wonder when it is said to be the lungs of Bali Island. The noise of birds chirping in the wild, and the number of wild monkeys that seemed to hang, natural treats become fun entertainment during the trip. Guaranteed, a visit to this beautiful temple will not be bored. It's not uncommon for tourists who choose to come here repeatedly.


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