Laksamana Hideaway Villa

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Ever heard of Villa Hideaway in Bali? Have you stayed there? If you haven’t you have to try overnight at Laksamana Hideaway Villa. People say that staying at Hideaway Laksamana Villa is like being in the kingdom of a mermaid. How come? Because the first to last thing you will see is waters, blue, and white, just like the sea. A beautifully designed and spacious pool provides a complex, especially for those of you who like to swim or play waters. Want to be a mermaid?

Hideaway Laksamana Villa is dominated by shades of blue and white, making the atmosphere at the inn feel pleasant. In addition, color combinations can also be used to show the guest that the villa is always kept clean.

Not only that, but this inn also provides an attractive and comfortable assessment because it comes with an open design. From inside the building, you can immediately see the beauty of the swimming pool outside the room. This design makes this villa an excellent location for hunting photos for your album.



Laksmana Hideaway Villa has two units, each of them is equipped with two comfortable bedrooms that can be inhabited for four adult guests. However, that does not mean this villa is not suitable for young couples who are looking for private time on vacation.





a.      Living room

Inside the family room, the floor design with beautiful motifs makes a decorative appearance. Beautiful images from ancient Bali also decorate the room. There is also a TV, DVD, and a wardrobe. A chair and sofa made of rattan invite you to sit comfortably to read your book or watch a movie.


b.      Kitchen and Dining Room

In the kitchen, there is a niche that contains all necessary kitchen items such as cooking utensils, cutlery, air conditioners, microwaves, and more.

 The dining table is made of white wood that is equipped and comfortable soft chairs.




c.       Bedroom and Bathroom

There are two bedrooms and bathrooms in each villa, a swimming pool is among them as a boundary for guest’s privacy. One bedroom is close to the guest room and a house with green leaves, while the other bedroom is closest to the kitchen and dining room.

The bed provided by Laksamana Hideaway Villa is a queen with white linen. Beside the bed, there is also a wooden block attached to the wall which functions as a side bed. A sitting lamp is above to provide lighting by the bed if needed. Both rooms are air-conditioned and have a wardrobe.

The bathroom has a single basin, placed outside the bedroom.




d.      Swimming pool

A swimming pool flows between two bedrooms in a T-shape near the bedroom entrance. Bamboo screen walls preserve space that increases guest privacy.







Laksmana Hideaway Villa is located on Jalan Oberoi Seminyak. This villa is located in a prime location of various beautiful restaurants and cafes such as Ultimo, Cafe Bali, Grocer and Grinder Shop, Ku De Ta, and in the shopping district of many high-end labels. In addition, beach tourism can also be accessed in a short time. You can choose to walk directly to Seminyak Beach.

Not only offering a strategic location, but this villa also provides friendly services for guests. As proof, this villa gets high reviews on some of the world's leading villa booking services, such as Traveloka or Booking.


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