KYND Community Café Seminyak

19/09/2020 19:06

Eating vegetables and fruits is never boring. By visiting KYND Community Cafe, you will get a healthy and delicious dining experience. Located in the middle of Seminyak's hustle and bustle, KYND is a vegan cafe ready to pamper you with its dishes.

You can come to this one place to get breakfast, lunch, or for a rest after a day of traveling around the Seminyak area. KYND is also very suitable to be used as a gathering place with your friends because the place is also comfortable and has a quite unique design.


The Beauty of KYND Community Cafe

This place has an artistic design divided by indoor and outdoor areas. The walls of the KYND Community building are decorated with tropical murals. And the outdoor area also has a pink wall with a tropical mural that you can make as a photo background. Likewise, every table is decorated with flowers.

Because it has a quite unique design, KYND Community is arguably one of the most Instagramable places. In addition to providing a healthy and delicious menu, KYND also sells a variety of interesting souvenirs that you can buy and become collections or keepsakes.




KYND Community Restaurant Healthy Menu

Offering you a variety of delicious and healthy menus with ingredients that are still fresh and of course high quality. The menus that are served include smoothies, salads, fresh sump juice, waffles, milkshakes, and other menus.

There are a variety of smoothies served from fresh fruit. One of them is Tropical Sunrise which is a combination of strawberries, mangoes, dragon fruit, spirulina, and coconut water mixed with pineapple and oranges. Or the Green Ninja smoothies bowl menu. Green Ninja is a blend of banana, mango, spirulina, flax, maca powder, coconut water, spinach , and mint.




As a menu for your breakfast, try the Breaky Salad which is spinach, rocket, various tomatoes, broccoli, red onions, whole grains, roasted pumpkin, garlic mushrooms, vegan chorizo ??with sunny mustard dressing and sourdough pesto.

In addition, there are also fresh dishes from smoothies bowls served by KYND Community, one of which is Berry Tropical. Berry Tropical is a smoothies bowl in the form of frozen dragon fruits mixed with bananas, mixed berries, coconut water, complete with tropical fruit toppings and homemade granola.

For those of you waffle fans, there is a waffle dish in the form of a Dream Boat that you can order. This Dream Boat is a waffle served with coconut ice cream, maple syrup, strawberries, berry compote, and sweet dukkah.




There are many more healthy and delicious dishes that you can enjoy at KYND Community Café. KYND also serves you a variety of coffees such as espresso, long black, piccolo, macchiato, and many more. Iced coffee is also served here, you can order Iced Peppermint which is an espresso shot with peppermint oil and coconut milk. You can also find tea, milkshakes, juices and coconut water here.




Location and Accessibility

The various dishes available at this KYND Community Cafe is priced starting from IDR 25,000 - IDR 77,000. With this price, you can get delicious and healthy menus.

For those of you who are interested in tasting the various menus available at KYND Community, just head to the location at Petitenget Highway, No. 12X, Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. KYND operates from 6.00 - 17.00.

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