Kuta Art Market

30/03/2022 03:02

Vacationing is the most enjoyable activity. The times where everyone can do a lot of fun things and make a lot of unforgettable memories. During the holidays, usually everyone will look for the best tourist destinations to visit. Moreover, those who like to travel commonly referred to as tourists.

In fact, it is possible to visit the best tourist destinations, having to travel far and even abroad. It's the same with tourists in Bali, both local tourists and foreign tourists. During the holidays, the island of Bali will be enlivened by many tourists from abroad. There will be many tourist attractions that become the target of tourists to spend vacation time. One of them is the Kuta Art Market.




Sustainable Art Only in Kuta Art Market

The existence of traditional arts in Bali is an important asset that supports the development of tourism on the island of Bali. Traditional folk art is not affected by the unstoppable pace of modernization, Balinese people can still maintain various cultures and artistic creativity to this day.

One of the arts that is still sustainable today is the art of clothing and painting. This is usually the target of tourists as souvenirs and the Kuta Art Market in Denpasar, Bali, is one of the favorite shopping places for both local and foreign tourists. There are about 60% of foreign tourists who come to this market, choosing various Balinese souvenirs. Trader turnover reaches hundreds of thousands per day.




The Situation at Kuta Art Market

For those of you who travel to Bali, you must make the Kuta Art Market on your list. Because in the market, every tourist can choose various Balinese souvenirs, ranging from clothes with Balinese motifs, bed covers, sarongs, shorts, barong clothes, paintings, and other art items. Foreign and domestic tourists will be seen passing through this market starting at 11.00 WITA (West Indonesia Time). The tourists are very enthusiastic to observe the various Balinese clothes sold in this market.

Generally, most customers buy Balinese shirts made of rayon or thin cotton. Not only for souvenirs, these clothes are also worn by many tourists while on vacation in Bali. There are also many sellers in independent shops such as Surami and Bae Dowi stores.


The Kuta Art Market History

Kuta art market is owned by the Kuta Traditional Village and was first built in 1975. The management of this traditional market is also under the control of the Kuta Traditional Village. Mudani just continued his parents' business. The goods he sells are almost the same as Surami's. The selling price is also not far apart.

There were many shoppers in Surami's shop among the capital's artists. This market is adjacent to several modern shopping centers, such as Matahari Kuta Square. Surami sells various kinds of Balinese clothing, such as T-shirts, pants, sarongs and hats bearing the "Bali" logo or words. This product range is priced starting from IDR. 20,000 to hundreds of thousands. It could even be cheaper, depending on bargaining, which is why most tourists prefer to shop at this market because bargaining is possible, while in shopping centers the prices are fixed.

But different from Bae Dowi. Most of the booth's customers are domestic tourists. The ratio is 60% local tourists and 40% foreign. "Most foreign tourists just look around and don't buy," he said.



Singosari, Kuta Village, Badung Regency.


Open Hours

Kuta Art Market is open from 7 am to 8 pm.

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