Kroya Waterfall

31/08/2021 21:40


Vacationing in Bali will be an unforgettable moment. There will be many things to discover and enjoy such as its natural beauty, its unique culture and many other things. This island is famous for its charm of natural beauty. Many tourists ranging from local tourists to foreign tourists visiting Bali. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bali is crowded by tourists during the holiday season.

There are many interesting and popular tourist objects that must be visited. Starting from natural attractions, cultural attractions, and various other fun places. The tourists who visit will not run out of choices of interesting places to visit. One of them is Kroya Waterfall.




The Enchantment of the Natural Beauty of Kroya Waterfall

The Kroya waterfall tourist attraction in Sambangan village, Buleleng, is one of the ideal natural recreation areas for trekking or nature adventures. Indeed, adventure nature tourism is one of the holiday activities on the island of the Gods Bali which is quite in demand by tourists, especially for young people who always want to get new experiences, then adventure and blending with nature is a very ideal choice. As is well known, the island of Bali itself not only presents the natural beauty of the beach with watersport activities that offer many challenging games, if tourists are bored with the nature of the beach, the beautiful nature of the mountains and natural waterfalls, such as the Kroya waterfall in the tourist area of ????North Bali tourism can be a tourist adventure destination. next.

The North Bali area or the Buleleng area is not only famous for its Lovina beach and dolphin treats in the morning, but the Buleleng area is the center of waterfalls in Bali, so it is not wrong for tourists to schedule tours to the North Bali area.




Kroya Waterfall Attraction

Sambangan Village in Sukasada District, Kab. Buleleng is indeed quite special among other village areas, the calm and beautiful village atmosphere provides quite a special tourist offer, presenting various natural beauties such as rice fields, plantations, protected forest areas and also seven waterfalls. The charm of the Sambangan village, complete with waterfall attractions, completes the list of natural recreation areas in the North Bali tourism area.

Besides the Kroya waterfall, there are Aling-aling, Cemara, Dedari, Canging, Pucuk and Twin waterfalls waterfalls. It is conceivable that 7 waterfalls with a combination of other natural beauty in a calm village natural feel, will be able to provide a special tourist experience in tourist adventures.

The attraction of Sambangan village in Buleleng makes it a trekking tourism destination that is currently trending and hits, trekking tours are the most favorite tourist destinations in Sambangan village, this trekking activity is not only for foreign tourists but also domestic, there are trekking tour providers providing interesting adventure route in Sambangan village. This area is now better known as Sambangan Secret Garden.



Sambangan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency.


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