Klecung Tabanan Beach

29/11/2021 00:43

Holidays to Bali are the right choice where many tourists choose Bali as the best tourist destination. Especially during the holidays, Bali must be crowded by many tourists, ranging from local tourists to foreign tourists. The beauty and uniqueness of Bali is unquestionable. Many tourists have recognized it and admire it.

Vacationing in Bali will not make tourists run out of choices of attractions to visit. Starting from natural attractions, cultural attractions, culinary attractions and various other fun places to visit. Of all the existing tourist objects, natural tourism is the most sought after by tourists to visit. Tourists can visit Klecung Beach Tabanan.


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Getting to Know the Beauty of the Island of Bali

Bali is surrounded by coastal areas that present the natural beauty of beaches that are widely used as tourist destinations, some of which are popular and white sandy beaches are Kuta, Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, Dreamland, and Pandawa beaches. But have tourists ever heard of Kelecung beach, of course for some people this Kelecung beach is quite foreign. The location of this beach is not on the Bali tourist route, so it is still rarely visited. For tourists who need a quiet tourist spot for a vacation on the island of Bali, then this beach tourist destination in Tabanan can be the next tourist destination.




Tabanan Klecung Beach Attractions

Kelecung Tabanan beach tourism destination jet black sand, although the black sand beach is no less interesting, especially during the day, the flickering light of the black sand is clearly visible when exposed to sunlight. Kelecung Tababan Beach is still empty of visitors, for some people, of course, this is more sought after, because it is more private, its peaceful and calm natural atmosphere is ideal for tourists who want to be alone and if they are away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, a place that offers views of the sea can be found. provide a different experience during tourist holidays in Tabanan.

The attraction of other Kelecung beach attractions, when nature is starting to twilight, the sunset panorama adds to the natural atmosphere in this Tabanan tourist attraction to be more spectacular, so it is not surprising that residents who visit here prefer in the afternoon, besides that because the sun is not scorching. again and visitors are more free to play and bathe in the sea, but also the sunset treats can be an attraction in itself. Tourist attractions in Tabanan are ideal for children and also parents or the elderly, so for families it is very suitable to play and relax in these places, especially when sick every day, to fill your vacation while in Tabanan Bali.

Entering the Kelecung beach tourist attraction area, tourists will be greeted with natural views of the rice fields, the natural atmosphere of the countryside that is cash and fresh because it is far from air pollution. Arriving at the beach, tourists will see a view of the blue sea with black sand glistening in the sun, what a beautiful sight, especially since this area is still quiet. A large rock in the middle of the beach like a dyke which adds to the attractiveness of this Kelecung beach. The waving of palm trees on the beach adds a fresh atmosphere and makes the mind fresher. The beauty that is presented can be immortalized to complete the selfie photo experience.



Banjar Kelecung, Tegal Mengkeb Village, Selemadeg Timur District, Tabanan Regency.

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