Kelan Tuban Beach

21/04/2022 02:21

Vacationing in Bali is the choice of many tourists. Both local tourists and foreign tourists have dreams of spending time on vacation in Bali. Because this island has a lot of beauty and uniqueness to enjoy. It is not surprising that the island of Bali is always crowded by many tourists, especially during the holidays.

In Bali there are many interesting and popular tourist objects. Many tourists spend time visiting these attractions. Starting from natural attractions, cultural attractions, to various other fun places. One of them is Kelan Beach, Tuban.




The Exotic Beach, Kelan Beach Tuban

The most exotic of Kelan Tuban Beach is the view at sunset. In this place, you will be able to watch the sunset view decorated by airplanes. It's very rare to get a beach view like this, isn't it? Around 100 floating jukungs in the sea are part of the Samanjaya joint venture group (KUB), a fishing group formed in 1988. All of these jujungs are transaction tools for local residents to seek resources and income by catching fish. Uniquely, these jukungs are decorated with various colors.

The color of this jukung will attract the eyes of anyone who sees it, including you. Not only is the paint attractive, the various decorations attached to the body of the jukung make it look very unique and festive. Apart from being thrown around, there are also jukung parked along the shoreline. Meanwhile, the Kelan Beach area of ??Tuban Bali is divided into three areas, namely the tourist area, the Jukung parking area and the operational area for tour groups. So if you want to see the jukung parked on the beach, you can immediately see it in the jukung parking lot. In addition, this beach has other facilities, namely melasti and an offering area.




The Charm of the Beauty of Kelan Beach, Tuban

Beach tourism in Bali is not only Kuta Beach. Kelan Tuban Beach is proof that there are many other beautiful beaches that you can witness the charm of its beauty on the Island of the Gods, Bali. No wonder beach lovers will never feel bored when visiting Bali.

The beach, which is still in Jimbaran Bay, is still a coastline with Kedonganan Beach and Jimbaran Beach. The attraction of Kelan Tuban Beach lies in its location. Its location close to Ngurah Rai Airport, precisely across from the airport runway, makes this beach quite unique. You can see the passing planes flying proudly. However, the location close to the airport also has a negative side, namely the place is quite noisy with aircraft noise.

In addition to the noise of passing planes, the view of this beach is very beautiful. Accompanied by a gentle breeze. White sand as far as the eye can see. The blue sea that stretches wide is decorated with jukung-jukungs that are blown by the sea waves. You can see all of these tropical views if you are on Kelan Tuban Beach.

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