Kedonganan Beach

22/06/2021 21:04

Spending vacation time in Bali is the dream of many people, especially tourists who like to travel. The island of Bali is a favorite tourist destination for many people due to its natural beauty and unique culture that can be enjoyed while on vacation in Bali. Who does not know the charm of the beauty of Bali?

The island of Bali is surrounded by the sea. So do not be surprised if on this island many beaches and even beaches are very popular tourist attractions. Many charms of natural beauty can be enjoyed when relaxing on beaches in Bali, such as Kedonganan beach.




Holidays at Kedonganan Beach

Kedonganan Beach is located adjacent to Jimbaran beach, presenting the same natural beauty, with white sandy beaches, sunset treats and various kinds of seafood or grilled fish served by local cafes. Kedonganan Beach is one of the tourist destinations in the South Bali region, often visited by tourists when scheduling a sunset dinner tour in Bali.

Complementing a vacation in the South Bali tourism area, this Kedonganan beach tourist attraction will be a special recreational place to visit. This beach presents various advantages, not only sunset treats or delicious seafood dishes, but also in Kedonganan there is the largest fish market on the island of the Gods Bali which offers a variety of fresh fish caught by fishermen at lower prices.

Schedule a vacation while on tour in Bali to visit Kedonganan beach, because access to the location of this beach recreation area is very easy, only 20 minutes from the airport, especially if the purpose of the tour is to the South Bali region such as Tanjung Benoa, GWK and Uluwatu, then onjek tours Kedonganan beach is located in one route and can be a destination for watching the sunset and enjoying seafood dishes.




Kedonganan Beach Facts

This tourist attraction in Bali has become a popular place for foreign and domestic tourists, so that every day starting at sunset this place is always crowded with visitors, the natural atmosphere is quite romantic. Especially when enjoying the candle light dinner atmosphere, it feels romantic so it is also ideal as a honeymoon vacation destination on the island of the Gods, Bali.

The Kedonganan Beach tourist attraction is included in the South Bali tourism map in Badung Regency, next to and directly adjacent to Jimbaran which is the area of ??South Kuta District. The South Coast in Jimbaran village stretches widely from North to South. The white sandy coastline blends from the coastal village of Kelan which borders the airport, Kedonganan, Jimbaran and Muaya beach which is located at the southernmost tip.

The locals call this Kedonganan beach in Badung Regency as Melaya beach, a dock is also available in this Kedonganan traditional village, so large-bodied ships can also lean in this place for loading and unloading goods. This place is always busy from morning to night. In the morning filled with fishing activities, many fishing boats lined up on the shore or in the middle of the beach after fishing.



Kedonganan Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency.

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