Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant

22/01/2021 21:27


Enjoying a luxurious vacation in Bali, it is not complete not to visit one of the luxurious dining places too. What's more if you visit the Nusa Dua Bali tourist area, because there is a restaurant there that will perfect your vacation. Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant is the name of a restaurant that you must visit while in the area.

This restaurant that has high scores on the google map review has many attractive offers ranging from its place to its food menu. Feel the sensation of fine dining by the beach against a backdrop of the Indian Ocean that looks stunning. There are two places or sitting spots that you can occupy, namely the indoor room and the outdoor room.


The Beauty Design at Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant

If you want to enjoy nature, it's better to choose a spot that is outside the room. Conversely, if you are more comfortable and feel calm in the room, it is better to choose in the Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant building. And actually, this restaurant is still in The St. area. Regis Bali Resort, one of the leading luxury hotels in Bali.

For an indoor room, this room is dominated by white and brown from the natural color of wood. The interior design that looks modern is very pronounced in the indoor room. Tables and chairs are neatly arranged in a white atmosphere. In the middle of the table is a flower vase that beautifies the room.




There are puppets on the shelf. The combination of the puppet decoration with the room creates an atmosphere that you are truly in Indonesia. The combination of modern and traditional is very neat in the show.

Switch to the outdoor room. The best spot to see the beauty of the sunset at dusk. Just imagine that you are in a fancy restaurant where the sky turns silvery with the sun beginning to leave its orbit. Romantic! Apart from being a restaurant used to enjoy meals in a group manner, Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant can also turn out to be the most romantic place ever. The dimly lit atmosphere with your partner in front of you and a delicious menu ready to eat is the perfect mix for a romantic dinner.

The sea view seems to be a constant magnet for Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant. In addition, the existence of a swimming pool in this outdoor area provides another positive value. so you will not be disappointed when you are in this outdoor spot.


Menu Options at Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant

Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant provides beer, halal food, wine, children's menu, desserts and many more. This restaurant also provides quality organic dishes with guaranteed quality.

In fact, the restaurant provides an a la carte and cider menu, as well as a special Sunday brunch and Champagne Brunches that mix Asian flavors with classic western influences. A perfect example of that mix is ??the fresh, marinated yellow fin tuna, quickly cooked, served with sweet sesame and tuna stock in a typical Indonesian rujak sauce.




Location of the Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant

If you are interested in coming to Kayuputi Nusa Dua Restaurant, you can visit the Nusa Dua Lot S6 Tourism Area, Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Open from 12 noon to 11pm, so it provides a menu of types from lunch to dinner. You can book a table first before visiting it.


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