Kakiang Garden Cafe

06/12/2020 00:25

The concept of a garden cafe gives a sense of comfort to anyone who is hanging out and relaxing. In Bali, you can find cafes with this kind of concept in many locations. Kakiang Garden Cafe Ubud is one of them. Here, you can find offerings in the form of the famous bakery and pastry products from the Kakiang brand. At the same time, you can also find a comfortable hangout.

As the name implies, Kakiang Garden Cafe is a cafe that places its visitors to relax in the garden area. The concept of an open garden allows visitors to enjoy the fresh air of Ubud which is famous for its beauty. The choice of dishes that you can find at Kakiang Garden Cafe is not only pastry and bread but also western and Indonesian dishes.


The Design of Kakiang Garden Cafe

Even though it is labeled as a garden cafe, Kakiang Ubud not only provides a hangout area in an open garden. Here, you will also find permanent buildings that provide indoor seating. It's just that, the interior design in the building is deliberately designed in a minimalist manner. They use natural touches to match the building with a garden cafe theme.

The walls of the building are deliberately without covering, only a brick wall surface. Even so, ceramic is used on the floor. Meanwhile, the use of wooden tables looks harmonious with brick walls. Not to forget, you will also find the placement of greenery at several points. The use of hanging lamps also makes the dim atmosphere in the cafe even more fun.




The combination of brick walls with wooden tables makes the atmosphere in the cafe look classic. Even so, that doesn't mean the classic atmosphere here looks old-fashioned. Conversely, you will find a contemporary impression while hanging out in the cafe. Moreover, the existing facilities at Kakiang Garden Kafe are also quite complete. The large size of the room, accompanied by a parking area, allows you to make this place a place to hang out and hang out with friends and family.


Menu Options at Kakiang Garden Cafe

As a fun and comfortable place to hang out, you can get a row of delicious menus in many variations. You can find menus in the form of snacks or heavy meals. Although varied, the menu served at Kakiang Garden Cafe Bali is actually not much different compared to other contemporary cafes. It's just that, different ways of serving use your own kitchen recipes, making the food at this cafe taste different.




You can find a menu of special chicken fried rice. In addition, you can also find a menu in the form of fettucine carbonara accompanied by tuna pasta. Menus such as strawberry cheesecake, woku chicken, Madura duck, chocolate Oreo, homemade gelato, and others. The official menu at this cafe is not too expensive. For example, special chicken fried rice only costs IDR 45,000


Location and Accessibility

You can find this hip cafe in Ubud at the address Jl. Raya Andong, Petulu, Gianyar District. You can visit this cafe throughout the day, from 07.00 to 23.00. As a benchmark, you can find the Kakiang Garden Cafe location not far from Neka Gallery Ubud or Pura Puseh Ubud.

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