Hotel Munduk Moding Plantation

13/08/2021 21:51


Vacation time in Bali is the best time to make beautiful moments unforgettable. Many tourists from abroad and local tourists are interested in coming to Bali. Vacationing in Bali will get a lot of fun things to see and feel. Especially its natural beauty which is very famous and able to amaze anyone who comes to Bali. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bali is crowded by many tourists, especially during the holiday season.

Vacationing in Bali is an important moment to be able to visit various interesting and popular tourist objects. Starting from nature tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, culinary tourism, to the best accommodation. One of them is Munduk Moding Plantation Hotel.




The Vacation Atmosphere at Hotel Munduk Moding Plantation

Looking for lodging besides being comfortable, tourists also want something special too. There is the Munduk Moding Plantation Hotel, where this place is a luxury resort that tourists can use as an alternative to stay while on vacation in Bali.

Munduk Moding Plantation Resort & Spa offers travelers luxury and privacy. Being here besides being able to rest comfortably, tourists can also enjoy the natural beauty of North Bali. Munduk Moding Plantation will provide the best service with all the luxurious facilities and services they have.

Hotel Munduk Moding Plantation is a luxury nature resort, spa, located in a coffee plantation area. There are several villas and suites tourists will be able to enjoy everything more privacy, relaxing and away from the crowds.


The Best Facilities Hotel Munduk Moding Plantation

travelers can choose from a wide selection of villas and suites. The existing villas offer tourists an extraordinary view of the hills. It has large glass panel doors that will let tourists see the view from inside the villa.

It has an area of ??approximately 55 m2 with tropical hardwood parquet flooring in the bedroom and living room area, Sulawesi cream marble in the bathroom, king size bed and sofa. Not only that, each room will offer various facilities, such as flat screen TV, bathrobe, slippers, toiletries, and more.

Not only villas that have complete and luxurious facilities, for suites as well. The rooms have wooden floors and marbles in the bathrooms. The suites have a large terrace where tourists can relax while enjoying coffee and tea there.




The Exciting Activities and Rates for Staying at Hotel Munduk Moding Plantation

The excitement of Hotel Munduk Moding Plantation is not only from the villas and suites. There is a famous swimming pool here, namely the infinity pool with a length of 18 meters. Being in the infinity pool here will make tourists feel the sensation of swimming among the clouds. Relaxing while swimming accompanied by spectacular views will certainly create an exciting and fun holiday experience.

Complementing relaxing times, tourists can also try spa facilities. Located in a unique building, mostly built from bamboo. The combination of a bamboo structure with a height of eight meters and a thatched roof but still has a modern interior. The room rates offered by Munduk Moding Plantation start at around IDR 1,800,000 per night.



Asah Gobleg Highway, Banjar Asah Service, Gobleg Village, Banjar Buleleng District, Singaraja.


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