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15/01/2021 22:16

Wine, which is a fermented alcoholic drink from grapes. This drink is usually produced by countries that have 4 seasons each year. The United States, France, Italy, Australia, and Spain are known as the world's largest wine producing countries.

However, when on vacation in Bali, you can also visit an original Indonesian wine producer. You can find the location of the factory by visiting the Hatten Wines vineyard. Established in 1994, Hatten Wines also claims to be the first and only original wine producer from Bali.


The History of The Hatten Wines Bali Vineyard

The initiator of the Hatten Wines Vineyard business was a Balinese man named Ida Bagus Rai Bidarsa. He saw the enormous potential of the original Balinese wine production. Moreover, the number of visits by foreign tourists who are fond of consuming wine to Bali is so high.

In 1994, Rai Bidarsa realized this wish. He also worked with a man from Australia named James Kalleske in the process of making authentic Balinese wines. With experience as a winemaker, the process of establishing the Hatten Wines vineyard did not experience many problems.




The Hatten Wines Vineyard Production Drinks Are Recognized Internationally

Even though it has a local flavor, it doesn't mean that the taste quality of the wines made by the Hatten Wines vineyard is of low quality. On the other hand, Hatten Wines was awarded as one of the Top-10 Fastest Improving Producers in Asia. They also continue to develop various types of wine products that are produced.

In 1994, they produced Rose wine. Furthermore, in 2000, a product called Jepun Sparkling Wine appeared. The next line of wines continued to emerge, including Aga Red, Aga White, Pino de Bali, Chardonnay & Shiraz, and in 2009 there was Riesling & Cabernet Merlot.


Things to Do at the Hatten Wines Vineyard

While visiting this place, tourists can do various activities. Wine tasting for free is one of the activities provided by the Hatten Wines Vineyard. Tourists can also try to visit directly to the vineyard managed by the Hatten Wines Vineyard.

When you come to the Hitten Wines VIneyard with your partner, you can take the time to try a private dinner experience. Hatten Wines also provides experienced chefs to present an appetizing menu. Plus, a beautiful and comfortable interior design will make tourists feel at home.




Location of the Hatten Wines Vineyard

The head office of Hatten Wines can be found at the address Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Number 393, Sanur, Denpasar. Regarding the location of the Hatten Wines vineyard itself, it can be found along the north coast of Bali Island, to be precise in Seririt and Pemuteran.

Hatten Wines also collaborates with local land owners for the management of the garden. In particular, the 45 hectares of land used for vineyards are very open to tourists.

For more information about Hatten Wines vineyard tour services, you can contact the company directly. This can be done by visiting their official website.

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