Green Bowl Beach

09/05/2021 19:33

Bali is often a tourist destination visited by many tourists who are not only local tourists, but also world tourists. The island of Bali is a favorite tourist destination where many tourists come to spend their holidays and make the best vacation moments.

The island of Bali is indeed famous for its beauty and uniqueness that must be enjoyed. Many popular tourist objects that must be visited when you are on vacation on this island. Starting from natural attractions, cultural tourism objects, to many entertainment places on this island. Of all the existing tourist objects, natural attractions are the most popular, such as Green Bowl Beach.




The Beauty of the Green Bowl Beach

One of the beaches that should not be missed when visiting Bali is Green Bowl Beach. Green Bowl Beach is a beach with calm waves in Bali. This beach is similar to Nyang Nyang Beach and Gunung Payung Beach which are located in Nusa Dua Bali. Green Bowl Beach Bali used to be called the Bali Cliff Beach, because on top of the beach cliff there is a hotel called the Bali Cliff Hotel. In addition, many also call this beach the Hidden Beach Ungasan. Because Green Bowl Beach is located in a hidden location, it is not widely known by many tourists.

Now Hidden Beach Ungasan is known as Green Bowl Beach, which means green bowl. This name is used because when the sea water recedes, tourists can see the coral covered by moss that resembles a green bowl. There is also a mention that the name Green Bowl comes from PT Greenbowl Indonesia, which built a hotel near the beach. Green Bowl Beach is a beach suitable for tourists who want tranquility. When visiting this place, visitors will feel like they are on a private beach that is so shady. However, to reach this place, visitors must prepare more stamina and concentration. Because you have to go down the stairs, amounting to approximately 300 steps.




The Fun Activities On Green Bowl Beach

The waves on the Green Bowl Beach are quite large, so visitors must be more careful when surfing. In addition, don't forget to bring supplies from the inn, because around the Green Bowl Beach there are not many food stalls or food vendors. Food vendors are only near the temple which is far from the beach. Surfing is the activity most favored by visitors. Big waves will greatly support this activity. Many foreign tourists come to this place to stimulate adrenaline by surfing the waves.

Visitors can surf from morning to evening. But for inexperienced tourists, you should postpone the desire to surf here. By late afternoon, the sea water will recede where the coral covered with moss will be visible. This is the most appropriate time for fishermen to fish. The fishermen around will usually head along the beach area that juts into the middle. From that place the fishermen throw their nets to look for fish. Visitors can relax on the beach or sunbathe. In addition, visitors can also satisfy their desire to take pictures with a Green Bowl background.



Ungasan Village, Kuta District, to be precise in the southern part of Badung regency.

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