Gelar Jembrana River

13/02/2021 23:24

You rarely do holidays by visiting or playing in the river. This time, try the sensation of playing with the freshness of river water in Bali, it’s Gelar Jembrana River. The Gelar Jembrana River, which is located in Jembrana, is often used as a tourist destination on weekends.

For those of you who are interested in nature tourism that is free from the hustle and bustle in cities, just try to come to the Gelar Jembrana River. Presenting a calm and beautiful atmosphere, being around the Gelar Jembrana River you can relieve fatigue and stress.


Beautiful Panorama on the Gelar Jembrana River

Gelar Jembrana Riverhas clear water flow, the spring water comes from the mountains. The freshness of the water makes anyone interested in touching it. The condition around Gelar Jembrana Riveris still pristine, untouched by human hands and has cool and fresh air, far from pollution.

The scenery around the Gelar Jembrana River area itself is no less interesting. You can see hills with green valleys, and to the north you can see protected forests that are still green as a true water buffer. Those of you who may be a nature lover will probably feel very at home in this Degree River.




Near the Gelar Jembrana River, above it, there is a red bridge which is only passed by two-wheeled vehicles. If there is a vehicle passing over the bridge, you will hear an irregular roar.

Gelar Jembrana Riveris one of the most amazing natural attractions. The beauty of the river with fresh and clear water flows, and there are large rocks that are so sturdy, combined with valleys and green trees that grow around it provide a cool atmosphere, making the title River one of the natural tourist objects that deserve to be visited.


Hunting for Instagram Photos on the Gelar Jembrana River

Not far from the River title area, there is a monument, namely the title Monument or the Merdeka Valley which is emphasized by a nameplate stuck to the south of the bridge. For those of you who want to see it, you just have to walk along the concrete path.

Don't forget to capture the beauty around the Gelar Jembrana River in a photo. You can take pictures with your friends while you are in the Gelar Jembrana River. So, when visiting don't forget to bring a camera or prepare your smartphone.

Because Gelar Jembrana River is natural tourism, so tourists who want to come here are charged an entrance ticket or not yet known. For you, just be on the lookout for providing money for entrance tickets or maybe for parking fees.




Route to the Gelar Jembrana River

For those of you who are interested in visiting the Gelar Jembrana River, the location of the Gelar Jembrana River is in the Northeast of Negra City, precisely at Br. Titles, Batuagung Village, Jembrana. To get to this location is arguably not that difficult, there are two rural routes, namely through Batuagug Village and through the Kresna Jvara Sports Building in Sawe Rangsasa Village. If you take it from the highway, then this nature tourism is about 8 KM.

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