Gardin Bistro Cafe

21/07/2022 05:13

Romantic sunset views are always a tourist attraction. Gadin Bistro Cafe understands this. The proof is that they not only offer an appetizing culinary experience, but restaurant guests are also allowed to watch a romantic sunset from the top of a tree.

This view can be obtained by climbing a tree that is equipped with a viewing post. To get to this tree, tourists must first cross a wooden bridge that has been provided by the restaurant. Many guests make this tree and wooden bridge as their photo spot. The result looks so pretty!


The Beauty of Gardin Bistro Cafe Design

Every tourist who visits will certainly feel comfortable with the easy and comfortable layout of the room. Not only the arrangement in the room but also at the back of the building is made like a greenhouse like in a fairy tale. Of course the design of this gothic cafe will be able to realize the fantasy of a fairy tale. This place is mostly visited by young tourists. Both local tourists and foreign tourists. Not only the uniqueness and beauty but also the comfort that can be felt by every tourist who visits.


Hang Out At Gardin Bistro Cafe

Cafe Gardin Bistro is a cafe that is included in the hits cafe category with an interesting atmosphere. Finding a cafe like this is certainly not difficult. Because this cafe is quite popular and famous for its fairy tale feel.

With all the uniqueness of its interior, this cafe is able to attract the attention of many tourists to take the time to come and relax here. The beauty and uniqueness of this cafe also creates many beautiful photo spots. So not infrequently every tourist who comes always takes the time to take pictures.

Cafe Gardin Bistro has a medieval gothic design. Where the interior is similar to the danda hall in the fairy tale princess. The tables and chairs in this cafe are vintage style with colorful sofa cushions that give a cheerful impression. The cafe is also decorated with an ornamental garden located directly behind the building.


The Best Culinary At Cafe Gardin Bistro

Cafe Gardin Bistro offers a menu that combines Balinese and international cuisine cooked and served in an international cuisine style. This unique combination is definitely a must try! There are several recommended menus. Some of them are the foie gras appetizer with pure mangosteen, foie gras combined with mangosteen and salak which are Indonesian fruits, the result is a soft, buttery foie gras plus a fresh sweet and sour taste.

The fried shrimp and mango salad, a combination of crunchy prawns and sweet mango, has a unique taste in the mouth. There is also a seafood menu, namely escargot (snail with butter). The tender beef cheek stew is guaranteed to make you addicted. The Asian glazed orange and honey turkey omelette is rarely found but still has a taste that must be tried. For vegetarians, there is also tempe reuben, a tempe sandwich. The cafe also has an all-day brunch menu, namely potato balado egg benedict. For drinks, there are high tea or cocktails (alcoholic or not). For relative prices and in accordance with the cuisine served.



On Jalan Petitenget No.106, North Kuta, Badung Regency.

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