Dharma Giri Temple

26/12/2020 04:45

The island of Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples, because the majority of the people are Hindu. However, adherents of other minority religions can still live comfortably, including Buddhists. As proof, you will be able to find the existence of various unique Buddhist statues in Bali.

These unique Buddhist statues in Bali are not only a means of worship for Buddhists. Its existence is also a tourist attraction.


Unique Buddha Statue in Bali in a Sleeping Position at Dharma Giri Temple

The first location you can go to to see the unique Buddha statue in a sleeping position is to visit the Dharma Giri Temple. This temple can be found at the address Jl. Raya Pupuan Number 1, Tabanan. Here, you can find the sleeping giant Buddha statue in a sleeping position.

The uniqueness of this Buddha statue in Bali is also accompanied by a beautiful view. At the back of the statue, you will find a natural view of green hills. With a combination of views like that, Vihara Dharma Giri is often a place to hunt for selfies of visitors.




Dive closer to Bali's unique Buddhist statue in the middle of the sea

In addition, you can also choose to witness the existence of a unique Buddha statue in Bali which is in the middle of the sea. The statues were deliberately drowned in the underwater waters of Bali because they were intended to increase the natural tourist attraction. Moreover, these statues can be a means of developing coral reefs that are a place for marine fish to live.

There are 3 locations to choose from:

·         Temple Point Nusa Penida

Temple Point Nusa Penida is the first location you can go to if you want to find a Buddha statue under the sea. The statues were deliberately drowned at a depth of up to 7 meters several years ago. At this time, the result looked so pretty. These statues are home to coral reefs, moss, and anemones.

·         Taman Dewa Pemuteran

Pemuteran Beach can also be a vacation destination if you want to witness the existence of a unique statue in Bali that is drowned in the middle of the sea. In total, you will find as many as 33 statues here. Not only Buddha statues, but also statues of Hindu gods such as Dewi Sri or Lord Vishnu.

·         Suci's Place Tulamben

Tulamben Beach in Karangasem can be the next stop. The water area around Tulamben Beach has long been known as a snorkeling tourism destination. Here, you will find 5 stupas and various types of statues that have been submerged in stages since 2012. You can find the statues only at a depth of between 9 and 17 meters.




The Largest Buddha Statue in Bali Vihara Empu Astapaka

The next destination, you can witness the splendor of a Buddha statue which is claimed to be the largest Buddha statue in Bali. You can find the location at Empu Astapaka Temple which is not far from Gilimanuk Harbor. The process of building this magnificent statue is also quite phenomenal, requiring at least IDR 1 billion in costs.

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