D’tukad River Club House

31/01/2023 03:21


Bali is really admired for its beauty and uniqueness. Until this island is always enlivened by many tourists, ranging from local tourists to foreign tourists. There are many tourist attractions that explain the natural beauty of Bali. Making tourists have many places to visit and spend their time there. As in D'tukad River Club Blangsinga. This place specifically offers beautiful views of the Blangsinga waterfall, commonly known as the Tegunung waterfall. This waterfall is currently a popular destination in Bali.

D'tukad River Club is very close to the Tegunung waterfall. Precisely, D'tukad River Club House is located on the edge of a waterfall. So it is not surprising that tourists who visit this place will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the scorching waterfall. However, what distinguishes this place from other homes is the various facilities offered.




The Best Facilities Offered by D'tukad River Club

One of the facilities offered is a swing. This swing is the main facility in this place which is deliberately placed so that visitors can witness the beauty of the waterfall directly. There is a distinct sensation of challenge that visitors feel when they ride this swing. Because with this swing visitors can swing on it.

Riding this swing will also allow visitors to get cool photos that are instagramable. Of course the D'tukad River Club House can guarantee the safety of the swing equipment which is made as high as 87 meters above the waterfall. In addition, the staff is always ready to keep visitors safe.

Besides swings, the facilities provided are also in the form of various types of delicious menus. This is supported by the design of the room which is divided into 2, namely on the first and second floor areas. Visitors can choose which room they want to visit. Any room will still provide a beautiful view of the waterfall.

Other facilities offered are a swimming pool. The swimming pool in this house is also not just an ordinary swimming pool. Instead, this swimming pool is a type of pool built with an infinity model. So that from this swimming pool visitors can still enjoy the splendor of the view of the Tegunung waterfall while holding hands and relaxing in the pool. With all its beauty, D'tukad River Club certainly provides the best photo spots for visitors.




Ticket Prices at D'Tukad River Club

D'tukad River Club provides 5 package options that can be used, including:

• Come in

• Swinging and swimming (without lunch)

• floating breakfast

• Swings and lunch

• Romantic dinner.

Of the 5 packages, entrance only is the cheapest package option, IDR 155,000 plus tickets, which can then be exchanged for food and drinks. Meanwhile, if visitors are interested in trying the swing rides, they can try the swing and swim package for Rp. 350,000, as well as swings and lunch for Rp. 390,000.



Banjar Blangsinga in the village of Saba.


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