Chedi Club Villa Ubud

01/01/2023 13:26

Every tourist who visits definitely wants to get beautiful memories while on vacation in Bali. All of that can be enjoyed when tourists visit popular tourist spots. There are lots of fun things to do in Bali. In addition, Bali is also filled with interesting tourist attractions. Lodging is not difficult to find in Bali. One of the big and well-known inns in Bali is the Chedi Club Villa, Tanah Gajah Ubud.


Chedi Club Villa Building Design

Villa Chedi Club comes with a rustic-chic architectural design that emphasizes the natural atmosphere of the Ubud area. Where this villa complex has an area of 5 hectares, with fresh air that can be felt. In addition, tourists can also see the beautiful view of the sunrise of Mount Agung.

Luxury Chedi Club Villa Facilities

Villa Chedi Club Tanah Gaja is a 5-star villa that guarantees luxury for every guest. Guests just have to choose what kind of facilities they want to use while staying here. Like 2 choices of restaurants that can be freely chosen between The Restaurant or The Pool Bar.

The restaurant provides a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu that can be enjoyed here is a typical Indonesian dish made by Chef Khairudin. Guests can enjoy fine dining while enjoying the view of the green expanse of rice fields in front of the restaurant.

In addition, The Pool Bar provides a different atmosphere compared to The Restaurant. As the name implies, The Pool Bar serves array of food in a relaxed atmosphere by the pool. Guests can visit this restaurant from 9 am to night, which is cocktail hour.

If you want a more romantic dining atmosphere with your partner, the hotel also provides private dining. This private dining can be used by guests during breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea time, evening cocktails, or dinner.


Best Facilities & Accommodation At Villa Chedi Club

In addition, guests can also try various exciting activities provided by the hotel. Like you can try to take a cooking or yoga class. If you want a more challenging activity, you can try a hot air balloon ride.

There are a total of 20 villas of high artistic value that can be found at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah. Villa options include one bedroom villas, one bedroom villas with a pool, family villas and Hadiprana villas.

The one bedroom villa allows guests to feel serene indoors while enjoying the fish pond filled with lotus flowers. While the villa has a swimming pool, so it's a fun choice if guests want to swim in peace. In addition, family villas offer large capacity for family vacations.

With the exclusivity offered, it's no wonder that guests need to spend large amounts of money while staying here. One-bedroom villa, the cheapest option, is set at IDR 7.6 million per night. Meanwhile, Hadiprana Villa is the most expensive villa choice, which is priced at Rp. 19 million per night.



Jl. Elephant Cave, Tengkulak Kaja, Ubud.

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