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02/07/2020 16:31



There are so many unique things offered in Bali, not only the culture, traditions, or tourist areas, but also the accommodations offered with a different kind of comfort zone. Let we explore Bubble Bali hotel. It is an inn that provides a unique comfort overnight in a transparent ball-shaped bubble tent. This kind of lodging model is not yet popular for many people, but staying overnight in an open field might be something that you think okay. Don’t you?

 The concept promoted by Bubble Hotel Bali offers a more different and unique experience, it is not just camping in usual, but staying overnight in a transparent bubble ball will be a special experience for your travel journal. While lying your back on the bed you can gaze at the sky and watch the stars flickering far above there. Each bubble ball can accommodate two people; complete in it with a bed, room lighting, and also an air conditioner.




Even if the bubble is transparent, you can still use curtains to cover the entire space. This bubble hotel does not provide facilities like a hotel, so don't expect the luxury of staying here. Instead, you can feel the atmosphere and sensations offered. The facilities offered by Bubble Hotel in Uluwatu are indeed limited and minimalist, but nonetheless still supported by lighting and electricity. The toilet and bathroom are separated and they are placed in an open field. Guest belongings can be stored at the reception desk.

Bubble Hotel Bali offered consist of various sizes of tents according to the needs, the tents in the open nature is facing the beach and the sea directly, it is placed away from the crowds at the hill. The natural surroundings are surrounded by trees so as to create an isolation sensation also the beautiful and natural atmosphere. It comes interesting and amazing as well in the afternoon. When the sun begins to set, it will present you with a truly amazing natural scenery. BBQ facilities and bonfires are also provided for the guest of Bubble Hotel Bali to create a romantic and family moment with your beloved ones.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared by the hotel along with security services in this open place.  You can travel in peace and comfort in this Bubble hotel. The sensation of spending the night with the open sky is certainly very interesting. But keep in mind, although it is not yet popular, the probability of no room available could be happening. If you happen to have a desire to stay at Bubble Hotel Bali, you are recommended to book in advance especially when the weekend or when the holidays time.




Bubble Hotel Bali is located on Batu Nunggalan Street, No. 11 Pecatu, Kuta Selatan. The location itself is nearby the Uluwatu tourist attraction. The big transparent bubble ball of the Hotel is placed in the middle of the open-air and is also near the Nyang-Nyang beach, the distance to the beach is only about 10 meters, a special area for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful night with the open sky and the stars together with the sound of the sea.


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