Brumbun Bay

12/12/2021 22:30

Vacations will be very enjoyable if you choose Bali as a tourist destination to visit. Many fun things can be found and done while on vacation in Bali. One of them is like visiting the best tourist attractions. Starting from natural attractions, cultural attractions, and various other fun places that must be visited. Like in Brumbun Bay where tourists are not advised to miss the moment to visit this place.

Local tourists as well as foreign tourists love to visit Bali to enjoy many exciting and beautiful things. Therefore, this island gets the title as a paradise on earth because there are so many things that can be enjoyed while on vacation on this island.


Beautiful Scenery at Gilimanuk Beach


The Natural Atmosphere in Brumbun Bay

The name Teluk Brumbun West Bali may be very foreign to the ears of Indonesian tourists. However, this does not make this place a bad choice when spending vacation time in Bali. On the other hand, if tourists are looking for a hidden beach destination, Brumbun Bay is a must-visit place.

In particular, this tourist spot will be an attractive destination for nature lovers. This tourist spot is part of the West Bali National Park. Therefore, we can be sure, if the atmosphere in this bay will look so natural. Tourism supporting facilities are also very minimal. At first glance this makes it unattractive, but on the other hand it promises an exciting adventure.




The Fun Activities In Brumbun Bay

The first exciting thing that tourists can find when visiting here is to see wild animals milling about freely. In particular, here is also a breeding location for Bali starlings. Please note, the Bali Starling is an exotic bird known as an endemic animal from the island of Bali. As an endemic animal, this one bird is often hunted by hunters. No wonder, if the existence of this one animal is quite rare, and could be threatened with extinction. Therefore, in Brumbun Bay, West Bali, a breeding place for this bird was established. The tourists can immediately see the exoticism of this beautiful bird in captivity.

Bali starling breeding place here has a fairly large size. There is a place in the form of a dome made of wire for the birds to live. At certain times, officers in this captivity also release Bali starlings which are considered to be able to live in the wild. In addition to having the opportunity to see the exoticism of the Bali Starling, there are also various other animals that can be found around the Bali Rumbun Bay. Strolling around Brumbun Bay, West Bali, tourists will find monkeys roaming freely.

In addition, tourists who visit here have the opportunity to do other activities. The first activity is doing trekking or exploration activities. The natural atmosphere in this bay is really tempting to explore further. Furthermore, tourists can also relax on the beach in the bay. The beach here has a very quiet atmosphere. No need to worry about being disturbed by other visitors. The entertainment that can be obtained is none other than the sound of the beautiful Bali starlings chirping and the sounds of other animals.



Ngrejo Village, Kec. Mount Responsibility, Tulungagung.

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