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Brown Feather Bali Hotel is a top choice for tourists. Brown Feather Hotel is one of the coolest and most unique places to stay in Bali, besides being made comfortable you will also be amazed by the concept of the Brown Feather Hotel in Bali which uses colonial concept and retro nuance made by wood and classic interior materials that are produced perfectly. (6)


Hotel Brown Feather is located a little further away from the crowd, very suitable for you who want a private vacation. Right behind the hotel, There is an incredible view of the beautiful rice fields. Coolness and beautiful green color can release your mind and fatigue during busy workdays. In addition to the retro style, Brown Feather Hotel also carries the concept of nature so that you will see many plants in the hotel such as plants on the balcony and various other types of plants on each side and corner of the hotel. (7)



Brown Feather Hotel consists of a lobby, kitchen, small garden, and classic chairs for you to sit and relax while enjoying the retro and green surroundings around you. There is also a swimming pool and sixteen bedrooms which are divided into three different bedroom styles.





·         Ahusaka

The first type of room is the Ahusaka room. The Ahusaka rooms are on the first the floor of the Brown Feather Hotel and each room has sixteen square meters with vintage decorations that give an impression that meets and brings guests closer to nature.





·         Halona


The the second type of room is the Halona room. The Halona Room is on the bottom floor of the Brown Feather Hotel with a larger takeoff. Some rooms overlook the rice field view, which will accompany your days in the room with maximum coolness.






·         Magena


The the third type of room is the Magena room. The Magena Room is the most spacious room, each room has an area of ??twenty-six square meters and has a view of the rice fields that will accompany your days with maximum extra coolness.

Brown Feather Hotel is built on two levels, each room has a decorative style with comfort, privacy and characteristics of each. Brown Feather Hotel is a new holiday genre, consisting of local materials and recycled wood, filled with unique retro pieces, Brown Feather is ready to provide and meet the needs of guests. (5)


Other facilities provided by the Brown Feather Hotel are; Twenty-four-hour Front Office Services, Air Conditioning in Every Room, HD Quality Cable TV, Newspapers, Mini Bar, Refrigerator, Bottled Drinking Water, Concierge Room, Makeup and Shaving Mirror, Free Guest Parking, and Smoke-Free Property.



If you about to book a room, please note the time for Check-in in Brown Feather the hotel is at two o'clock in the afternoon. While the Check is carried out at 12 noon. Brown Feather Hotel, located on Batu Belig Street number 100, Kerobokan, North Kuta, Bali. The hotel is located a little further from the city. With the unique classical architectural conditions and totality, you will be brought back into the past.


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