Bliss Surfer Hotel Bali

28/08/2020 21:06

Bliss Surfer Hotel is one of Avilla Hospitality's unique accommodation facilities in Bali. As the name implies, this hotel offers a surfing-style lodging concept. No wonder you will find many surfboards as hotel interiors.

Perhaps many tourists passing the Bliss Surfer Hotel will think that this place is surfing class, because the front of the building is displayed with many colorful surfboards. Apart from the hotel interior which uses surfboards as a material that must be used, another unique thing is that when you get on the elevator you will hear the sound of the waves. Bright color choices create a sporty and uplifting ambiance.

The hotel staff is friendly and ready to help you. If you are on vacation, especially in the Legian - Bali area, you can make Bliss Surfer Bali as your overnight stay. Interestingly the main door of this hotel looks like the waves roll. Entering the lobby you will see a variety of interiors with walls decorated with sea themes.

Next to the lobby, there is a spot that contains a row of surf boards. There are also many paintings depicting someone doing surfing. For the lobby lounge, there is a round sofa in bright colors that you can use while waiting for check-in while surfing the virtual world.




Cost to Stay at Bliss Surfer Hotel

Consisting of five floors and 111 rooms. There are 5 types of room choices, namely deluxe twin, deluxe king, deluxe lagoon king, junior suite and family suite. The facilities in each room are quite adequate, such as cupboards, television, free wifi, coffee and tea makers, air conditioning, refrigerators and also a window display to put items.

The bathroom is designed modern and comfortable. The deluxe lagoon rooms have a balcony where your door will be connected directly to the swimming pool. The price range starts from IDR 365,000 - IDR 676,000.




Facilities at Bliss Surfer Hotel

Named Bambora Restaurant and Mini Bar, it is uniquely designed with many beach hats on the roof. For breakfast, there are many kinds of menu choices such as cereal, porridge, bread, cakes, omelette, noodles, meatballs and many others. For drinks at breakfast there is water, coffee or orange juice. There is also a food delivery service to your room. There is an ala carte menu that you can eat during the day or at night.

Free wifi, swimming pool, private balcony, spa, meeting room, dry cleaning service, air conditioning, shuttle bus service, outdoor swimming pool, non-smoking rooms. Swimming time is only from 7 am to 7 pm. Sand park, where this park has sand as a foothold like on the beach. Equipped with chairs and tables made of wood just for sitting. With a wall decorated with vines, it makes the beach atmosphere even more pronounced.


Location and Accessibility

This hotel is located at Sriwijaya Street no.88, Legian, Bali. A strategic place close to Legian Beach and Kuta Beach can be reached in approximately 20 minutes from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. With its location, this hotel is very suitable to be chosen by tourists who claim to be beach lovers.

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