Bebek Bengil Restaurant in Ubud

01/12/2022 09:13

Bali is touted as a paradise on earth. Because apart from having beautiful panoramas, Bali also has many interesting things which of course can make a vacation the most beautiful moment in life. Like tourist attractions that are interesting, beautiful, and stunning in every angle and from all aspects. Making anyone who visits the place never regret it, instead it becomes a favorite place to devote the most beautiful moments.

There are many famous culinary attractions in Bali. Spread in many areas, especially tourist areas in Bali. One of the famous culinary tours is the Bebek Bengil restaurant. This restaurant is also located in the famous tourist area in Bali, namely in Ubud. Foreign tourists know him better as "Dirty Duck Diner".




Interesting Things From Bengil Duck Restaurant

Almost every day the Bebek Bengil restaurant is crowded with tourists visiting this place. Because this restaurant is one of the favorite places for tourists, especially those visiting the Ubud area.

This restaurant became famous as a tourist attraction. Such a place that gives a beautiful atmosphere. The location of the restaurant which is in the rice field area provides its own comfort with the breezy wind that blows during the day.

Bengil Duck Restaurant also provides an adequate place. Like a gazebo made of diary wood which allows tourists to sit freely on the small sitting cushions that have been provided while enjoying the beauty of the rice fields. So this restaurant is perfect for dining with families with children, or in large quantities such as large group dining events.




Delicious Food Menu at Bengil Duck Restaurant

Bebek Bengil restaurant has a main dish, which is fried duck. Fried duck is served differently from fried duck in other restaurants. Namely served with white rice complete with sambal matah and lawar in a separate place. Tourists can use several menus such as changing the duck menu to be served with fried potatoes and salad.

There is no need to doubt the taste of the menu at this restaurant. Because the fried duck in this restaurant is crispy, even small bones can be chewed. The processed duck meat comes from local ducks in the area around Ubud.

For the mainstay menu, the Bebek Bengil Restaurant has a crispy duck menu that has been around since its establishment in 1990. Based on information from the restaurant owner, this fried duck comes from a family recipe that is usually served for daily food until now it has developed. become a successful business. The Bebek Bengil Restaurant also has several other favorite menus such as a Balinese mixed rice menu, Balinese fish with spices, and roasted green chili duck. The drink menu is available here, starting from soft drinks, juices, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.


Cheap food prices at Bengil Duck Restaurant

The price of the menu at this restaurant is quite expensive but comparable to the quality. For example, the fried duck Bengil menu costs IDR 125,000, Balinese mixed rice costs IDR 75,000, Balinese seasoned fish pepes costs IDR 95,000, and grilled green chili duck IDR 122,000. However, these prices do not include 11% tax and 10% service.



This restaurant has several outlets, specifically the outlet in Ubud which is located on Jl. Hanuman, Padang Padang Tegal, Ubud.


Opening hours

Every day from 10am to 10.30pm.

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