Basanta Agro Organic Ubud

16/01/2021 22:07

Coffee is now a commodity that is much sought after by many people. Moreover, enjoying coffee has now become part of our lifestyle. Of the many coffees, Luwak coffee has a special reputation as the world's most expensive coffee. So, when on vacation to Bali, you can directly see the process of making civet coffee at Basanta Agro Organic Ubud.

Luwak coffee is often referred to as the world's most expensive coffee. This coffee has a unique taste and is known as a typical coffee from Southeast Asia. The existence of civet coffee from Southeast Asia has been around for so long. It's just that, its popularity started to increase in the 1980's. The price of this coffee can be found on the market with prices ranging from 100 USD per 450 grams.

Well, the experience of visiting Basanta Agro Organic Ubud is a rare opportunity to see the process of making the world's most expensive coffee. Compared to other coffees, civet coffee making is different. The reason is, because this coffee involves the presence of a civet or civet that eats the coffee cherries and releases the coffee beans through their feces.




Activities at Basanta Agro Organic Ubud

Basanta Agro Organic Ubud is a center for educational and recreational tourism in the Tegalalang area, Ubud. Through this tourist spot, the manager wants to introduce Balinese traditions that are unique and environmentally friendly. Not to forget, the process of making civet coffee.

You need to know, civet coffee making can be done with any type of coffee, including robusta or arabica coffee. The most important thing in making this coffee is that there is fermentation that occurs in the mongoose stomach.

Before further processing, civet coffee that comes out with civet droppings, is cleaned and dried in the sun. Once in clean condition, the mongoose is ready to be pounded and remove the outer layer. That way, you can be sure that there is no dirt attached.

Besides having the opportunity to see the process of making civet coffee, you will also get a variety of other useful knowledge. Moreover, Basanta Agro Organic Ubud is also known to have other coffee products, such as coconut coffee, ginseng coffee, or vanilla coffee.




There is also a product in the form of tea that is no less delicious than the Basanta Agro Organic Ubud coffee product. There are also various choices of tea products that can be purchased, including green tea, black tea, ginger tea, lemon tea, and so on.

Not to forget, the manager of Basanta Agro Organic Ubud also provides a restaurant with a variety of dishes that are no less delicious. For vegetarians, the hotel also provides a menu that is friendly to your tongue. Accompanied by the green and natural surroundings, the holiday experience here feels soothing.

The scenery in this place is also so stunning. There are also rows of fun and unique places to hunt photos, including a vehicle for bird's nest selfie photos.


Basanta Agro Organic Ubud location

The natural atmosphere that you can find in this place can be easily visited. You can come directly to the address Basanta Agro Organic Ubud which is on Jl. Br Jasan, Br. Jasan, Sebatu, Tegalalang, in Gianyar Regency. This place is open between 9am and 6pm.

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