Banyuwedang Hot Springs

21/09/2021 18:32

The holiday period in Bali is eagerly awaited by many tourists. Starting from local tourists to foreign tourists from abroad really admire the beauty of the island of Bali. Starting from natural tourism, cultural tourism, and various interesting tourist objects to visit. This island is also known as Heaven on Earth because of all the pleasures in Bali that can be enjoyed.


The island of Bali has a variety of fun that may not be found anywhere else. Especially the customs that are so well preserved to this day as well as one of the attractions of the island of Bali. Not only that, tourists love to pamper themselves in exciting places in Bali such as the Banyuwedang Hot Springs.




Travel to Banyuwedang Hot Springs

The island of Bali has a number of hot springs which are also used as an alternative tourist attraction, one of which is the Banyuwedang hot spring water bath or better known as the Banyuwedang Hot Spring water in Buleleng Regency or North Bali. In addition to offering hot springs, this area also offers beautiful and interesting nature, so that it can become a tourist and recreational destination in the North Bali region.

Maybe not so many tourists know about the existence of this natural hot spring, because tourist visits to the island of the Gods Bali are more likely to stay at tourism centers in South Bali such as Kuta, Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, so the distance of their stay is to Banyuwedang hot springs. this is quite far, the distance can be up to 3.5 hours by driving, which is why travel agents are still reluctant to package their Bali tour packages to this place.


The Interesting Activities at Banyuwedang Hot Spring

Banyuwedang itself is a tourism area that is quite popular in Buleleng Regency, in addition to Banyuwedang hot springs, in this area there is also a boat crossing pier to Menjangan Island, and Menjangan Island itself is an interesting and popular diving and snorkeling destination in Bali, including a place for local residents. local to pray. Pejarakan Village also has another asset, namely white sandy beaches, so that the village including Banyuwedang can become the next interesting tourist destination. For local residents, of course Banyuwedang is no stranger. As in general, this hot spring is sourced from nature, through geothermal heating which can also melt solid minerals such as sulfur, so that the hot water that comes out contains sulfur or sulfur with a quite pungent smell, but is good for skin health, believed to be able to cure a number of skin diseases. .




The Attraction of Banyuwedang Hot Springs

As well as the Banyuwedang hot spring, besides that, of course, it is very good for bathing to warm the body, it is also believed to be able to treat rheumatic pain. For this reason, apart from foreign tourists, many local residents also visit this place to experience the natural therapy.


What is quite interesting about the Banyuwedang hot spring is that it is located on the edge of the sea, so while soaking you can see the beautiful natural scenery of the sea, the sulfur content is quite high, the heat reaches a temperature of 40º Celsius. The Banyuwedang hot spring is also surrounded by mangrove forests which function to resist abrasion.

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