Atuh Beach

19/05/2020 22:52


There are many factors that make Bali even becomes more famous, and one of them is the beach attraction. In Bali Island, there are many beach attractions, both white sandy beaches, and black sand beaches. Most of the beaches in Bali are already very popular such as Kuta beach, Legian Beach, Nusa Dua Beach and Tanjung Benoa beach. Since beaches such as Kuta Beach and Pandawa beach are so popular, it makes the beach very rarely deserted. For those who have often gone on a vacation to Bali probably feel bored for having a vacation to the beach that had previously been visited. Are there any beautiful beaches in Bali that is empty of visitors? Yes, there are. If you are looking for a beach, there are lots of beaches in West Bali and East Bali, but have you ever been to Nusa Penida?


Nusa Penida can be claimed as one of the most beautiful islands in Bali. With its beauty that is still very natural and rarely visited by tourists, Nusa Penida presents a variety of unique natural nuances and may not be found in any corner of the world. It's so big and not really touched as a whole and it makes Nusa Penida still has a lot of hidden natural wealth! One of them is Atuh beach.


This beach has a view of a very uniquely shaped island, like a swimming giant turtle. In addition, since it is so far from the harbor, tourists are rare to visit Atuh beach, so you will feel like you are on your own beach!





Once you arrived at Atuh beach, you are able to see the beach in a bay with clean white sand, blue seawater, and very clear water. Atuh Beach is located in Nusa Penida and it's closed by two high cliffs. From the cliffs, you will see large rock cliffs that look like small islands. There are two cliffs that become one unit with a view of Atuh beach. Each cliff has a name given by the local residents, they are Nusa Batupadasan and Nusa Batuabah.


The best time to visit and see the beauty of Atuh Beach is in the morning, around 05:30 AM. Because the location of Atuh beach faces southeast, from the top of the cliff you can see the beautiful view of sunrise. Visitors have two alternatives; the visitors are able to see the beach view from the cliff, and or just go down off the cliff in order to set foot on the sand beach. To go down the cliff, the visitors can access through the stairs, but it's steep and takes half an hour, it’d drain much stamina, but don't worry, the difficulty of going down the cliff will be paid off after you set feet on the sand.




Since there are not many tourists who choose to go down the cliff, you will feel like you own the beach when you set foot on the sand. There are also simple stalls that sell food and drinks. At low tide, the seabed in the form of rocks will be seen from the shoreline. Local residents do not encourage visitors to swim because there are many rocks at the bottom of the beach and also the unexpected sea waves.



Atuh beach is in Nusa Penida tourist area. Nusa Penida is a small island located in the southeast of Bali. The mainland island of Nusa Penida separated from the mainland of Bali. Nusa Penida Island is included of Klungkung regency government area. Therefore, the location address is in the village of Pinginutan, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali.



There are two sides to see the beauty of Atuh beach, the west side, and the east side. Both from the west and east sides, there are stairs to access the shoreline. If you arrive from the east side, there is no vehicle parking fee and there is no entrance fee to enter Atuh beach, but if you arrive from the west side, there will be a motorbike parking fee as much as IDR 5,000 and a beach entrance ticket as much as IDR 10,000/person.

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